Is your dog driving you crazy?

You love your dog but they do things that are embarrassing or frustrating. They pull you down the road, they jump on people, they bark and lunge at other dogs or people on walks! Or is so bad that you take your dog out different hours in hopes they don’t see another dog.

If you’re  frustrated and don’t know what to do next, you have come to the right place.

Our programs are designed for success and we provide support during and after most programs up to a year after training. We provide Private training, Day Training and Board & Trains Bootcamps for puppies (under 5 months) and adult dogs. We also provide group classes after your program is complete. All of our programs are designed to help you reach your training goals with effective, proven instruction and exceptional support.

Now imagine your dog walking beside you, going on off leash hikes and sticking close. Being able to take your dog with you on outings and they are constantly looking at you they don’t care anymore about those other dogs or people.

Book an Evaluation and we can help your dogs behaviour from frustration too focused. And have the dog you have always dreamed about.

An in-person evaluation determines eligibility for any of our programs. We do not accept dogs over the age of 5 months without an evaluation first. We will determine if your dog is a good candidate for one of our program and will suggest some options depending on your dog.

Our Training Services

  • Endeavour K9 focuses on the holistic approach to solving common and difficult problems. We offer an  environment that is conducive to learning for all who attend our training facility. We begin with an assessment of the whole dog and every aspect of their lifestyle including diet, physical health, exercise routines, training methods, sleep and relationships within the household. We have an extensive questionairre we will go through to identify stressors and potential causes of your dog's issues. Once we identify the root cause of a problem we work with you to find effective solutions to restore balance to your household.

  • Private One-on-One training programs is customized training plan to help you work towards resolving any of your dog’s unwanted behaviours and achieve your training goals. We work with you towards building a strong relationship between you and your dog.

  • Our Day Training is a daily dog training program designed to provide a maximum amount of learning while allowing your pet to spend evenings and weekends at home. Once day training is complete we will then we build on those behaviours around other dogs and distractions in a class situation. We will design a customized training plan to help you work towards resolving any of your dog’s unwanted behaviours and achieve your training goals. We work with you towards building a strong relationship between you and your dog.

  • Our hybrid program provides all the benefits of typical Board & Train professional training, without having to be separated from your dog for long periods of time. Your dog will be with us Monday Morning to Friday evening and they will go home on weekends. Your dog will stay with us and will learn how to communicate and interact with me while we start the new foundation and pass it onto you later. We will design a customized training plan to help you work towards resolving any of your dog’s unwanted behaviours and achieve your training goals. We work with you towards building a strong relationship between you and your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee (coming soon)

The success of this program is dependent on your full participation and commitment. We will work with your dog but if we are not following the same rules, using the same tools, this training won’t be as effective.
Dogs are required to be crate trained- if hour dog does not consistently sleep in a crate additional fees will be applied.

Our Guarantee

All dogs who train with us will reach their goal or we will add additional training sessions for FREE until your dog is finished.

What we require from you.

  • Weekly homework videos submitted
  • Dogs crated when not home, over night, when you are unable to watch them.
  • Leash dragging in the house if they are free, on place or tethered
  • Hand feeding for meals for the duration of training.
  • 2-3 training sessions a day. Including walks.
  • Training sessions should be around 10-20 minutes in length.
  • We have a few programs however we only guarantee if you pick the program we recommend. Picking a different program than the one suggest the guarantee will not be included.
  • Lessons need to be booked no more than once every 2 weeks apart.
  • Must attend all lessons.
  • You must be on time, dog ready with appropriate equipment for that lesson.
  • A daily log must be filled out on what you did with your dog that day and submitted each lesson.
  • You allow us to use your videos for adverting.

Similarly to the guarentee we would advise you to be even more suspicious of anyone that says that they can give you instant results. Yes, for some dogs and some issues, you can expect to see fast results once the correct training has been implemented. However, ‘instant results’ I’d question on how they are getting these results. For some places although we are pro e-collar what are some these places doing with this equipment?  Again, while some training can appear to initially be successful, they don’t address the underlying issue and feelings that have caused the behaviour.

For example, if a dog is scared/reactive of other dogs and barks when it sees them, applying an a high e-collar correction every time they bark might make them stop barking. However, the negative emotion they felt has just been intensified by the fact that they felt pain or discomfort while viewing the other dog (superstitious association). With an E-collar Technologies Mini educator majority of dogs levels are under a 10. We have had very few dogs over a 10 but this maybe to start but after some understanding the dog often goes below a 10. (this depends on the environment as well as distractions, however, very few dogs are still over a 10 for us)

Why is your dog barking? You need to understand the way to overcome what is going on with the dog.

They might not bark at another dog again, but if they come close enough to one, they might be so frightened that they redirect their feelings into an even worse behaviour, such as aggressively lunging or even biting them or you.  However, potential consequences of this type of training need to be taken very seriously.

Our Day Training or Board & Train are highly effective ways to train your dog. Your dog stays with us and receives multiple daily training sessions, alternating with rest periods. Changing behaviour that has been rehearsed for many months or years, is not likely not completely change in a couple of weeks, instead it will take our program plus a couple months of getting things right back at home. Our Board & Train or Day Training teaches your dog a foundation of what rules and boundaries.

This means you will have to be 100% on board to with these new rule and boundaries for your dog to have success with any program.  And not just you, every person in the household or who comes into the house hold, even the dog walker.  Everyone must be doing things the same way, for how long? It depends on the dog, how long they have been practicing the behaviour and how committed you are to fixing the issue.

We help take the stress away by transforming your dogs with unmanageable behaviours into calm and well behaved trained dogs that the whole family can enjoy and handle. You will be able to take your dog in public and not be worried or embarassed about their behaviour. You will be able to take your dog places that you once avoided or were embarrassed to go to with your dog.

If you’re already thinking about refunds, then we might not be the best match for each other. It’s super important to us at Endeavour K9 that you feel we are the right fit before working with us which is why we offer Free Evaluations before committing to training.

A $500 + HST deposits for our Day School and Board & Trains is required to book your spot. However if you decide to cancel your training before we start, your deposit will be forfeited.

Our 1 on 1 sessions and group classes need to be paid in full at the time of booking. Refunds are granted (less $100) for cancellation notice received more than 7 days prior to your start date.

Anything less than 7 days before or after training has started we do not offer refunds.

Through both our one-on-one dog training sessions, and our Day Training services and group classes, we tackle many different dog behavioural issues. The following are among the most common behaviors we address, but do not represent the full scope of training we provide:

  • Puppy Behaviours
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dog Aggression*
  • Human Aggression* ( we will access first, if we are not able to take your dog we will refer you to someone that can)
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Recall
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Excessive Mouthing
  • Basic Obedience
  • Off- Leash

*These two are often resulted from fear and anxiety. We prefer to work with these dogs in Private sessions, day school or board & train programs.

No! We teach your puppy to ignore other dogs and distractions and focus on you. We practice proper socialization which means that your puppy will be exposed to many other dogs and people without anything bad happening to them.  Many adults dogs have behavioural issues because as puppies they were in groups with no proper guidance.  In actuality, puppies in this type of environment are usually bullied and are  being overly aroused and learning all kinds of negative behaviours especially when owners are not taught to properly advocate for their puppy when they are uncomfortable. We will teach you how to do socialization right!

Yes it is true. By attending our facility you agree to avoid taking your dog to dog parks while you are enrolled at Endeavour K9. If your dog is here for problem behaviours we highly suggest no daycares as well.

Reason 1

90-95% of the dogs that come to use for aggression or reactivity are from dog parks or day cares. Once we require that people stop going and spend that time training their dog instead, people are amazed how much better their dog is behaved.

Reason 2

Unfortunately dog parks do not require dogs to be fully vaccinated. As a result they can harbour some very nasty canine germs, some of which can be fatal to dogs (especially puppies). Parvovirus is fatal to unvaccinated dogs and does not require direct contact with an infected dog to be transmitted. The disease can spread unknowingly by people and objects that have been contaminated.

Kennel cough has also been transmitted in dog parks and can lead to some serious respiratory illness, especially in young dogs. Vaccines work quite well to protected our dogs but puppies have to be vaccinated in stages. And this can take several months.

Since we have a lot of puppies and our own breeding program we have made it a policy that students must avoid these places during your time here. We kindly request that all students respect this policy to protect our youngest attendees.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Reason 3

With constant socialization with other dogs or people it creates value in them instead of the owner at the end of the leash. We want to teach our dogs to be neutral and they should only really care about the person holding the leash. Most of the time they are rewarded for exciting behaviour, jumping, pulling towards others. Most of which owner when they come in for training are struggling to get their dogs attention.

The depends on the dogs we have in and booked already. We are usually booked 1-2 months out. We have decided to only take 2 dogs at a time. Either 2 board & train, 2 day training or 1 of each. The gives us enough time to spend time with each and allows us to be able to take them off the property more training outside.


The kiss of death in these programs is to send the dog home without follow through. Without following though, your dog will arrive home and be like “Thank goodness that’s over!” and go right back to his old behavior. The reason this happens is because a dog’s behavior has a lot to do with their associations with their environment and their relationships with their humans. If we send you home without a plan to address those two factors (or if you don’t follow the plan!) then your dog will revert right back to his old behavior patterns as if training never happened.


Simply put, the clients who are successful over the long haul are the clients that follow through with the training. Here are a few specifics of what that looks like.

Clients who experience long-term success:

  • Use training tools on a daily basis
  • Consistently follow through with rewards for good behavior and corrections for bad behavior
  • Utilize elements of structure in the dog’s daily life
  • Take their dog for a structured walk most days of the week
  • Follow the House Rules in the before training information package
  • Ask for help when they need it
  • Don’t push their dog too far, too fast
  • Accept their dog for who they are
  • Clients that are forthcoming with all the concerns of their dogs. Even if they think its minor. The more we know the better we can find a solution.

All our clients receive lifetime support via email as well. I care deeply about the dogs I train and the people who love them, and you can always contact me for help or advice.

When it comes to tools there is no tool we won’t use when they are the best choice for the dog and the owner, we will teach you how to use use
  • food,
  • crate
  • slip leads,
  • prongs,
  • electronic collars
  • martingales
  • halti’s but prefer as a last option
  • long lines

We use flats on puppies but prefer other collars first. We will use harnesses for recall training but the harness must be designed for the dogs to pull comfortably.

Our group class begins with us working with your dog in one of our Private, Day Training or Board & Train programs to build a basic foundation with your dog and focus on the things that you feel like you need the most help with.  It improves your pup’s manners so they can get along with other dogs and humans in a variety of situations.

Once we’ve accomplished this you will be invited to our group class, and that’s when things get really interesting. Our class does not run for six or eight weeks like a traditional class. When you join our group you get to take advantage of a full FOUR MONTHS of training for puppies and SIX MONTHS of training for adults! The class runs 2-3 times a week. These classes are designed for those who have done training with us or part of their training programs to have a well mannered pup.  You can watch your wild puppy transform into a well-mannered dog that feels at home in the world.

Being your dog has already been invited to class unless due to bad weather we will not have a limit in class. Many of the classes will be outside.

That is fine. We would suggest setting up an evaluation first. We can determine which option will work best for you and your dog. For the safety of others, if you dog is a potential bite risk or has bitten, please bring them on a muzzle.
Yes we have an indoor training room. However if its nice outside we do like to move outside to add some distractions for your dog.

We offer a holistic approach to dog training.

  • Obedience- Teaching your dog so you can have control of them in any situation
  • Management- The most overlooked and under appreciated parts of a dog training process. In fact, it may be the most important tool in your toolbox. By managing your dogs environment it prevents them from continuing to rehearse unwanted behaviour problems during their foundation training. It also helps maintain the dog’s motivation for training, and contributes significantly to both the dog’s and trainer’s safety.
  • Health- One of the first steps is to have your veterinarian evaluate and treat, if necessary, any medical conditions that may cause any contributing factors of the behaviour change.
  • Engagement- have the dog think you are their world. Its not about other dogs or other people, its about you and your family
  • Relationship- Working in a partnership with your dog does not allow your dog to do anything or everything it wants. Its about recognizing your dog is a dog and has needs. It also recognizes that you need to provide boundaries and structure to enable your dog to fit into your household.

It’s important to realize that with that relationship comes a commitment of your time. It takes dedication. It is also important to understand that every interaction is a learning experience for them, so every time you interact with your dog you are training them, whether or not you intend to. Dog training is a lifestyle — a constant dialog with your dog, rather than a one-way issuing of commands that only occurs in structured training sessions.

For boarding no, however it will be less stressful if they are use to it and will cause less stress in dogs that are here because most dogs not comfortable in kennels or crates tend to bark quite a bit.

However for training, they are required to be crated or kennelled for all training.

Latent learning is the process by which a dog can learn a behaviour while not actually performing the behaviour. What happens is you work the dog on something, say, pawing the door, and then stop. During the downtime, the dog’s brain has the chance to process what just happened, in this case, the relationship between pawing the door and getting a reward. The dog is learning how to paw doors better, while not actually pawing a door or working on the skill. That’s latent learning.

After each training session dogs that are here for training are placed in the run or crate to have some downtime. If the dog is not comfortable in either this causes stress in them and makes training harder.

  • Dogs in training are hand fed and made to work for their food.
  • If your dog is doing the 4-week board & train, please make sure that all grooming has been done previous. We are happy to schedule your board & train after. Health is as important and if there are mats it could cause irritation and make training harder.
  • Make sure your dog is a healthy weight.

Your job is to make sure your dog is hand fed. This could be simply making them work and do sit, down and stand for their meals. You will get a before training info package once you have paid that will go over marker training. We can also send a video to help. Dogs in for board and train the changing over of the food to get them to work for it can take a week. This would be a week that is lost to get them motivated to work. Day training is harder if we are both not on the same page. Dogs here working for their meals and fed in a dish at home. Again, your dog’s success depends on what you are willing or not willing to do.

You will be required to make sure your dog is crated and good in the crate beforehand. Depending on when your dog is booked in you should have time. If your dog is booked in and comes in and freaks out consistently in the run or a crate while here. We have 3 options- 1 we will only work on crate training until they are good. 2- we will return your dog and reschedule them for then they will be good. 3- We switch to private training.

Big things you can work on, sit on the dog, place, sit, down, stand, marker training, name game, loose leash walking. Unless we tell you to work on other things.


After trying multiple dog trainers, I happened to stubble upon Endeavour K9. When I started training 2 months ago, I was struggling walking with my 10 month old crazy Bernedoodle puppy, having some issues with recall and distractions.
Willow and I attended training classes for the 2 month package. We went in with a basic foundation but I had lots of problems with getting Willow to listen to me with distractions (outside and around other dogs/people), recall and to settle (place).
The last 2 months, working with Shanna, Willow has gone from a wild & crazy puppy that was extremely distracted to an obedient dog that has an understanding of my expectations.. and I have gone from a semi-clueless owner to understanding how to work with my dog, advocate for my dog and now I feel like I can actually enjoy my dog (puppy) ❤️.
I am so thankful for Shanna and the tools, knowledge and advice she has given to me. My relationship/bond with my puppy is so much stronger than I could imagine and I can’t wait to attend future classes to continue our training.
Thank you again Shanna! – Willow & Rebecca.
Rebecca , Willow

Shanna’s training goes back to the basics with engagement. With our challenging pup that is exactly what we needed.

Nancy, Benji

Shanna has worked wonders with my 4 year old rescue dog who was both fearful and reactive. In the process I have gained valuable knowledge so that I now understand my dog and am better able to prevent issues from arising. Shanna’s consistently positive attitude was an important part of the training because I had almost given up on being able to help my dog behave better. With Shanna’s advice and guidance, she has become a much happier and more relaxed dog who is now able to be around other dogs and I am able to confidently take her for walks without having to be worried myself when encountering other dogs or children.

Cathy, Max

Shanna did an excellent job with my girl Pepper!! Very professional and up to date training methods!! I would highly recommend this excellent training program!!!

Jackie, Pepper

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