By Appointment Only

Imagine a place where you could go with your dog, wash and groom them without having to wrestle them into a tub or chase them around the living room sofa while dripping wet or have to clean up the mess afterwords. This is every dog owner’s dream and a reality with self serve dog washing and grooming stations.

  • 2-Upright stainless steel tubs with Steps

  • 3- Tropiclean shampoos and one conditioner

  • Hydrosurge bathing system (eliminates the need for scrubbing)

  • Towels

  • 2-Hydraulic grooming tables

  • 2-High velocity dryers

  • Grooming Equipment- Brushes, Dremel, Nail Trimmers, etc. other equipment coming soon.


$15 for Bath & Dry Only

$25 for Bath, Dry & Groom