Endeavour K9 focuses on the holistic approach to solving common and difficult problems. We offer an  environment that is conducive to learning for all who attend our training facility.

Our goal is to help you produce happy, responsive, reliable behaviours in your dog over time – Training doesn’t stop, we will teach you what you don’t do as much as you need to do to get the dog you wanted.

We have an extensive questionnaire that we will go though to determine the potential causes of your dog’s issues. Once we identify the root cause of the problem we will work with you through one of our recommended training programs to find an effective solution to restore balance to your household.

The solutions we create through our work together will be built on a solid understanding of your unique situation, considering all available tools and means as they may be relevant.

We believe that there are several factors to take in to consideration when training a dog.

  • Obedience– We’ll help you to build the behaviour that you’d prefer to see from your dog, and interferes with the expression of less desirable behaviour.
  • Management– By managing your dogs environment it prevents them from continuing to rehearse unwanted behaviour problems during their foundation training. It also helps maintain the dog’s motivation for training, and contributes significantly to both the dog’s and trainer’s safety.
  • Health- One of the first steps is to have your veterinarian evaluate and treat, if necessary, any medical conditions that may cause any contributing factors of the behaviour change.
  • Engagement- have the dog think you are their world. Its not about other dogs or other people, its about you and your family
  • Relationship- Working in a partnership with your dog does not allow your dog to do anything or everything it wants. Its about recognizing your dog is a dog and has needs. It also recognizes that you need to provide boundaries and structure to enable your dog to fit into your household.

 We require all dogs over 5 months of age to book an in Person Evaluation & Temperament Test before we accept them in as clients. The evaluation is approximately 60 minutes in length with our Trainer. All dogs entering our facility need to be on a regular 4-6ft leash and under control at all times. (no flexi leashes)

Thank you for Showing Interest in Our Dog Training! Schedule An In Person Session Below. 

  • Step 1. Use the register button below to set up your dogs profile and upload their vaccination information.


    Vaccination Requirements

    • DH2PP-booster or Titer Test updated annually
    • Rabies by Law but Titer Test will be accepted
    • Bordetella – If you choose to give this to your dog, it must be minimum 2 weeks prior to drop off. If you prefer not to vaccinate your dog against this, we will require a waiver signed prior to drop off.
    • Negative annual fecal float test annually but we do not require it for the evaluation. It should check for Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and microscopic intestinal parasites (like coccidia and Giardia).
    • Brucellosis for rescue dogs imported outside of Canada or the USA.  https://vcacanada.com/know-your-pet/canine-brucellosis
  • Step 2. We will validate your dogs vaccination records. Once we have completed that, we will send you an email that all vaccinations have been validated and ask what type of evaluation are you looking for? Please let us know a training evaluation.

  • Step 3. We will send you a pending booking. This will have an evaluation link at the top. Please click on the link and pick a date and time that works for your schedule.

  • Step 4. All dogs entering our facility need to be on a regular 4-6 ft leash and under control at all times.