Not your typical Daycare.
Its like sending your dog to school!

Our Enrichment Daycare  was created as the vision of what we wanted our current or previous clients dog’s to experience. A safe place to take their dogs after training and consistently offer them structure, rules and positive socialization.  We wanted the intimacy of being able to do touch up training with a small number of dogs, while providing structured downtime and enrichment.

NOT a typical Doggie DayCare. Our Day School is a hybrid of Day Training and Daycare. We run Tuesday & Wednesday only.

Our educational enrichment based day school keeps your dog busy with fun training exercises while your at work and keeps the foundation that was started during your previous training at Endeavour K9 while maintaining or assisting  you to obtain your training goals.

Whether it’s mental stimulation through training, lessons in being calm or confidence building. We provide a balance of healthy activities for them as an outlet but also create an off switch that serves you well in any aspect of home life.

However, what’s different from many programs is that in addition to basic obedience cues, we recognize that dogs need to learn frustration tolerance and impulse control. We address this through the daily schedule of training, playing, resting, tethering during downtime, purposeful handling, and teaching all dogs to give eye contact and wait at thresholds before proceeding.

In addition, each dog is taught to walk polity on leash, settle quietly on a tether during rest periods, to come when called and eliminate outdoors. The entire culture of the school is designed around creating a habit of well-behaved dogs who demonstrate manners.

We keep “free-play” to a minimum to help promote positive- neutral behaviour around other dogs. This is not a free for all play all day which can lead to hyper dogs and in turn can lead to many behavioural issues. This helps hyper dogs learn to calm down and nervous dogs to be more confident.

We spend individual time with each dog training them as well as in a group setting, and they will also have crated rest times.

This is NOT a typical Doggie Day Care.

Dogs will take part in activities such as…

  • Pack walks
  • Small play groups 5-10 dogs max.
  • One on one time
  • Small group activities
  • Basic obedience
  • Ball pit
  • Fitness equipment
  • Scent work
  • Advanced obedience- recall only for those who are e-collar trained
  • Treadmill
  • Slatmill
  • Pack walks
  • Solo walk
  • Swimming
  • Pack walks on trails
  • Crate Training
  • Potty Training
  • Smaller groups
  • More quality play

Please note that not all dogs will qualify for off leash free- play, but may be eligible for pack walks which satisfy the social need

  • Waiting at doors
  • Polite greetings
  • No jumping
  • Impulse control
  • Higher quality rest which dogs need to be emotionally healthy.
  • Frequent rest times help teach your dogs to settle.
  • Dogs will either rest on place, crate or kennel throughout the day.

Day Care Prices


Single Day Pass

Our enrichment-focused day school for dogs offers engaging training activities to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work. This program not only maintains the foundation established during previous training sessions at Endeavour K9 but also supports you in achieving your training goals.



Our enrichment-focused day school for dogs offers engaging training activities to keep your dog entertained while you’re at work. This program not only maintains the foundation established during previous training sessions at Endeavour K9 but also supports you in achieving your training goals.

  • 5 Pass- $375 plus HST
  • 10 Pass- $650 plus HST

Package expire within 6 months of purchase.


Day Training

Day Training is ideal for dogs that struggle in daycare and require assistance with place training or socializing with other dogs)

Dogs will be required to attend daycare no less than 2 times a month as we are doing more training and have specific goals in mind for each dog. Memberships guarantee the spot in daycare, dogs who don’t opt in for the membership will have to pay for individual daycare but maybe put on a waitlist until a spot is available.

Current prepaid passes are still valid until they are used or expire.


Day Training Programs also available


How to get your dog into our daycare

Step 1 EVALUATION-  Once your profile has been set up we will need to book an in person daycare evaluation with our staff.  Dogs will be put through an obstacle course to see if they are able to do our enrichment activities. After that they will be put on place while another dog is brought into the room to do the obstacle course. We will see if your dog can settle on place in the presents of other dogs working.

STEP 2 TRIAL- if they pass they can come back. If not training will be suggested and to what needs to be worked on before another trial- we accept 1 new dog at a time. We would suggest our day training program as we can do 2 days a week and help your dog work through some of their issues in our daycare environment. Dogs will be out in regular daycare through our enrichment activities as well as socialization to see if there are any issues. Please read below “dogs must”

Max. 8-10 dogs and priority is to those who have completed training here. Dog will be required to have a buckle martingale for socials and enrichment, and a prong collar for pack walks or enrichment depending on the dog.​​

Dogs Must

  • ​Settling on place with minimal reminders and being calm for long periods of time while other dogs are working
  • Impulse control At doors
  • Competent loose leash walker
  • Social with other dogs- No bullying, humping or being a pest.
  • Comfortable being handled by a stranger
  • Food motivated and able to work for their food by hand feeding.
  • Dogs will be required to come to daycare no less than once every 3 weeks. If you don’t attend this you will be required to do another trial date.
  • Owners must be willing to work on maintaining training and actively working on any struggles that may arise.

We are willing to work though some of these issues with dogs as a day training dog. This is at our discretion on how many we can take at a time.

Dogs after a trial get 4 recommendations.

  • Daycare accepted- dogs are good with training and a social
  • Daycare accepted but needs help- dogs that may struggle with place or other training activities, but are ok with the social.
  • Day training- Your dog will be worked with outside of daycare either on a Monday(excluding holidays) or Thursday. We will work on your dogs issues with some of our training exercises for daycare or your dogs social skills with other dogs. Socials could be pack walks, individual socials with 1 other dog or smaller groups of dogs until your dog is comfortable moving into our regular daycare.
  • Day Training Package recommended- See Day training package for our 4 or 6 week program.
Private Program


  • Our Enrichment daycare is for dogs who have passed both our evaluation as well as our trial.
  • Your dog must be well socialized and not have any issues with other dogs or people. (on occasion we will bring dogs in for training days that do have issues to help dogs learn how to be around other dogs. These dogs will be on leash with a handler)
  • Your dog must be crate trained or be able to be in one of our kennel runs
  • They should understand markers
  • Dogs must be able to stay on place for 30-60 minutes.
  • Have a good understanding of heeling, basic obedience.
  • Owner must be ok that we may use a prong on their dog.
  • Dogs that have done training with us will still have to have a trial as daycare isn’t for everyone.

Space is limited- We take a maximum of 10 dogs in this program per day and only offer daycare on Tuesday & Wednesday’s. Our day training days to help your dog move into daycare are Monday(excluding Holiday’s) and Thursday. Full packages are Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday (due to a holiday Monday)