Trying Hard to Achieve

Endeavour means “trying hard to achieve.” As a new small kennel registered with the CKC our goal is about quality over quantity. Being we breed for ourselves, we are breeding to our highest possible standards.

Endeavour K9 is committed to the breeding and raising of exceptional Belgian Malinois. Our dogs have been imported or bred to dogs in Europe.

Our puppies will be Canadian Kennel Club Registered with the name Endeavour with a non breeding agreement, 30 days free health care from Trupanion, microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated and health checked by our Veterinarian before going home at 10-12 weeks.

As a Belgian Malinois breeder, we are committed to raising mentally stable, clear minded and superior trainable Malinois. We care about preserving the health of this breed which is why our dogs are health tested before breeding. We are also committed to this extraordinary breeds working integrity, all breeding dogs are accomplished and/or titled in their perspective training.

We do not sell to pet homes nor as service, emotional support dogs or as personal protection. We are looking for homes who already actively train and/or compete in various venues, including: IGP and other Protection Sports, Search & Rescue, Agility, Detection, Police work, and various Obedience performance events and have previously titled their own dogs.

Each litter is raised on Puppy Culture and each puppy is individually attended to as it moves through its developmental stages. It is well socialized in a variety of environments while they reside at Endeavour K9 to ensure a stable and confident adult dog.

We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm in getting a puppy from us.

As you may fill out our puppy inquiry, please note that we do not plan on breeding her until her next heat which should be April 2024. She has achieved both her IGP1 and IGP2 in 2023. 


Endeavour Malinois

Being we breed for ourselves, we are breeding to our highest possible standards and take our time finding the right pairing.

Neila is expected to go into heat April 27, 2024.

Dog name- Triumphant Von SchutzArt, NTD, TTAC,CGN IGP2
Owned by: Endeavour K9
DOB: Sept 13, 2019
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Dog name- Paxx of Marrax Place, IGP3, 2020 Belgian IGP Champion
Owned by- Eric Rutten
DOB: 7/10/16
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Litter will be done via AI as the males we are looking at are from Europe

Litter bred - May 15, 2024
(Pending ultrasound to confirm pregnancy)
Litter due on or about- July 16, 2024

$500 non refundable deposit will not be taken until puppies are whelped. Remainder will be required when the puppies are picked up

​Priority placement for this litter will be working or active sport roles.
Contact Endeavour K9 for more information


What Sets Us Apart

  • To breed our next dog to compete with. Therefore we offer limited breeding.
  • To be transparent and open, this is what we require when we look for a dog ourselves. Its only right we do the same.
  • To only breed health-tested and titled working-line canines.
  • To produce quality dog, and not risk the health of our females.
  • To breed with integrity, honesty, professionalism, and purpose
  • To set our puppies and puppy owners up for success. We Follow Puppy Culture Protocol
  • To breed stable, clear minded, driven dogs. And to produce the same.
  • To raise and train our own females. We are proud of our accomplishments and the work we put in ourselves.


Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are if you contact us looking for a puppy “right now” we will not have anything for you.   Therefore it is important you contact us through our puppy inquiry to get on a waiting list to put down a deposit once pregnancy is confirmed.
Our first litter pending health tests and titles would be in spring 2024. We would be looking around 2026 for Neila's final litter. We have plenty of interest in our pairings years before we plan to breed. Kinna we are still determining if we want to breed her.
Our cost is $3000 plus HST
We don't plan on making a living off our of our puppies but we have spared no expense when it comes to cost of purchasing dogs, importing them to Canada, imported seman for breeding and stud fees, raising puppies, holding puppies back to add to our breeding program, health checks, food bills, vet bills, training, equipment, competition, travel, membership fees, etc.
If any puppy is here longer than 10-12 weeks they will be started on a training program. The price of these puppies will be more.

Yes, this will be in the contract that it is REQUIRED that we receive the dog back for whatever reason if you cannot keep it. We will screen any potential homes the same way we did as puppies to find the right placement.

Each puppy is registered though the Canadian Kennel Club with a non-breeding agreement.

We would be happy to discuss removing this with you when your dog is older to make sure they would be a good fit to be bred first. To do this we would need to submit the Cancellation of Non-Breeding Agreement which we will do if have have come to an agreement  and you have titled your dog more than a basic title (ie, an IGP1-3 not just a BH)and have done all the same health clearances we do on our dogs.

If any fees are required to remove the non breeding the cost are at your expense. Approximate cost $63

I know everyone has to start somewhere and when we originally got our first malinois she was as an active companion. However, she did agility,  was titled in sport scent detection, she has her BH in IGP and her Novice and Intermediate Trick Title. She is also my helper in teaching classes and working with problem dogs.

Our current female and any of our future dogs in our program are far from a pet. She is full working dog, many of her family are in Search & Rescue, protection sports, police work. They are not pets and would not do well in a pet home.

Our goal is to breed our next competition dog. We breed the type of dog that we would want to live, train and compete with ourselves.  ALL of our puppies are ‘work’ bred, athletic, energetic, high drive dogs. If you are looking for a mellow, low energy and/or show type Malinois, none of our litters will be a good fit for you.

So, to answer the question.... No we do not sell our dogs to pet homes.

It would be unfair to the puppy to put it in a pet home. Without daily training and daily exercise it would make for a very unhappy and possibly destructive dog that we feel could come back with behavioural problems. And because of this, ethically we cannot sell to pet homes.

We are going to be very selective for our puppy homes.

Our process is to

  • fill out our puppy inquiry
  • do an interview
  • we contacted you're references
  • we put your name on a list to contact once the the pregnancy is confirmed.

Our official wait list will be those who have sent in their puppy inquiry, passed our application process and have been approved to get a puppy from us. Once the litter is whelped those who have passed our application process will be contacted to send in their $500+ HST deposit to officially reserve a puppy. The remaining money will be required when you pick up your puppy and sign our contract.

If you would like to know what our plans are, we suggest that you follow our Facebook Page,  or fill out our puppy inquiry on our website.

At the moment we are unsure about Co-owning dogs. We will decide closer to the time we will be breeding, but we are weighing the possibility on a co-own for a male out of our first litter as we are keeping a female.

Co-ownership is when we Endeavour K9 and a new owner (you) are sharing ownership of a dog, all individuals must be listed as well as the completed Co-ownership agreement from the CKC. Co-owners will be required to compete in a protection sport. We would like a min of an IGP1 or equivalent.

Our co-own puppy will more than likely be a male as we prefer to keep the females. This puppy will be the pick male of the litter for breeding. So the best male puppy from our litter. We will require 1 maybe 2 litters by a certain age which will be determined yet. We will also determine at the cut off age if we will freeze seman for future litters.

We can hope that you will care for your dog health as much as we do, not only do we do Canine Fitness, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic on our dogs we do prefer to feed raw food. However, we find using kibble easier to keep in our pockets for training. As we can't force you to feed what we want and depending on where you live, you may not have access to what we feed anyway. We can only hope that to have a balanced dog that also includes a well balanced diet and good health.

Here are a few of the foods we feed and/or recommend

  • Petkind- Kibble
  • Go- Kibble
  • Fromm-Kibble
  • Carna4- Kibble
  • Honest Kitchen Clusters (dehydrated kibble)
  • ZiwiPeaks (air dried)
  • Raw (Iron Will Raw, Raw Performance, Barkers Brunch, Ryan's Raw)
  • Fresh Pet Rolls-High Value for training.

We would like to clarify what homes may qualify for our puppies.

While we understand people want to start with one at some point, we want to make sure that our puppies are going into the correct home and although they can make a good house dog and companion, this is when it's also working, physically and mentally. That means it needs activity appropriate to its age, several times a day, and structured training as an outlet for its drives and working abilities. A strictly pet home that does not provide the working part of the equation and therefore does not produce a balanced working Malinois.

We breed working line Malinois and many of our dogs siblings or offspring excel in sport, police or military dogs. What makes a Malinois a top working dog are its attributes, its drive, intelligence, energy, reactivity, character, possessiveness, resiliency, and athletic ability and these attributes can make a Malinois in the hands of someone who is not familiar with the breed a disaster in the making. And we have unfortunately seen inexperienced trainers telling owners to euthanize their 15 week old puppy due to these behaviours which is normal.

Malinois puppy will likely display instinctive behaviours that we are looking for in a working dog, such as chasing, biting, picking and carrying a variety of objects, possessiveness (guarding) intensity in physical interaction with others and dominance. Belgian Malinois requires commitment to time, proper socialization, regular training and patience from the handler and should not be added to the household without careful consideration.

A Malinois that does not have a daily outlet will quickly become bored and will find things to do, which may include chewing your house, digging or pulling plants in your yard and re-arranging your furniture. Not to mention could develop neurotic behaviours such as spinning, barking, biting parts of its body, constant pacing, etc. And we have seen some regularly sedate their dog in crates due to these behaviours.

Pet Store puppy class is not going to fulfill a malinois. Our puppies will be sold to people involved in a competitive sport such as IGP and train not just weekly but during the week on your own plus socialization and other physical stimulations. If you have a dog currently and are interested in competitive dogs sports we suggest you start with the dog you have. Take the time, learn the sport, make mistakes with the dog you have and see that it's a lifestyle and you are up to the task. Saying you are waiting for a Malinois to get into sports when you have a dog that could do a BH on them. We are looking for someone who is actively training their current dog in sports. We have seen poodles, cattle dogs and golden retrievers compete for their BH.

Puppies must be picked up at Endeavour K9. We will NOT ship or deliver puppies.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to make all travel arrangements (research flights and requirements to import into their country) we will assist when we can.
The buyer is also responsible for all shipping related expenses, including but not limited to the health certificate, crate, flight, and any other costs. You will receive a health booklet from the veterinarian and a letter that the vet approves the puppy is healthy and able to travel.
We have a small 1000 sq ft retail location and will be happy to have any supplies you need for your puppy at a discounted rate.
Pick-up date for our puppies is between 10- 12 weeks of age. Puppies kept longer than 12 weeks for the convenience of the buyer will be charged Endeavour K9’s boarding cost.
We are dedicated to giving you the best puppy possible and have them on the right path.
  • We do early neurological stimulation and follow most puppy culture & Avidog guidelines.
  • Puppies are socialized to other dogs
  • Puppies are socialized to people
  • Puppies will be understand a clicker means food.
  • We offer a variety of exposure to our puppies (air compressors, large trucks, different scents, our disaster area for hunting food or toys and different textures to walk on, uneven or wobbly surfaces). Please see the video above. This is only some of the things we do
  • Puppies will be started on crate training to make going home easier.
  • Puppies will be litter trained, potty training started in nicer weather.
  • Puppies will be exposed to kennel and home environment.
  • Puppies will be exposed to car rides
  • Your puppy will come with their first vaccination-DHPP
  • Canadian Kennel Club non breeding registration ( approx 6 months depending on the CKC's backlog)
  • Bill of Sale
  • A copy of the Contract
  • Pet Insurance offer through Trupanion (Go Home Day must be activated within 24 hours)
  • microchip
  • Health booklet from the vet.
  • De-wormed
  • Access to an Owners Facebook group.

We guarantee at the time of purchase that the puppy is free from infection for 72 hours after leaving Endeavour K9's premises. All puppies will receive a Veterinarian Health Certificate providing they are healthy at the time of possession while on Endeavour K9's premises. For the health guarantee to be valid, the owner must have the puppy/dog seen by a licensed veterinarian within THREE (3) consecutive days of possession at the Owners's Expense. If the Owner fails to comply with this requirement, it will invalidate the Health Guarantee.

We stand behind every puppy we produce, our Hip & Elbow health guarantee requires that all puppy buyers receive their OFA CHIC #  as well as OFA Advanced Cardiac at 2 years of age so this information can be used to make breeding decisions for the next litter. Our breeding decisions are not only based on the health of the parents but also their siblings, aunts, uncles, and any past offspring they have produced and previous generations. The owners who have health checks done on their dogs have helped shaped our program and the decisions that were make to produce the pups of the present and future.

Besides genetic factors that effect Hip Dysplasia are

  • Nutrition
  • Excessive exercise
  • Over weight
  • Repetitive exercise like jumping
  • Too little exercise
  • Environment
  • Growth Rate
  • Muscle Mass
  • Hormones

Defined by the Canadian Animal Pedigree Act, a purebred dog is a dog that has parents of the same breed that is registered by the Canadian Kennel Club.

Someone can NOT sell a dog as a purebred dog without papers from the CKC. It is also ILLEGAL in Canada to charge extra money for those papers.

As a reputable breeder in Canada and as a members of CKC we adhere to their policies, procedures and their Code of Ethics. You can always contact them for membership status about us or any particular breeder.

No, we make our money as a professional trainer since 2010 and in 2021 we opened our 12,000 sq ft exclusive boarding & training facility.

We love the Malinois breed but the cost of purchasing dogs, importing them to Canada, breeding fees, stud fees, raising puppies, holding puppies back to add to our breeding program, health checks, food bills, vet bills, training, equipment, competition, travel, membership fees, etc. Selling an occasional litter of pups every few years doesn’t even come close to breaking even.

But that is ok with us. It's about the breed, not about making money for us.