Thank you for Showing Interest in Our Dog Training! Schedule An In Person Session Below. 

Book a consultation and temperament test and tell us about your dog.

We will take the time to meet with you one on one at our Location at 6444 Line 86 RR#2 West Montrose.

At the appointed time we will discuss:

  • The issues concerning your dog
  • Areas you are struggling with
  • Suggestions you can get started on right away.
  • The goals you have for your dog
  • If you decide you would like to work with us, which option would work best for you and your dog.

 We require all dogs to book a Free Evaluation & Temperament Test before we accept them in as clients. The evaluation is approximately 60 minutes in length with our Trainer. All dogs entering our facility need to be on a regular 4-6ft leash and under control at all times. (no flexi leashes)

Our Boarding Evaluation & Temperament test time we will discuss:

  • Handling including being able to touch the dog, use the leash to move the dog around.
  • We will see how your dog handles our runs. (Yes we highly suggest dogs being crate trained as this will make them less stressed)
  • See if they understand basic training
  • We can address any questions or concerns while you are here.

Choosing a dog training professional is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to the happiness of you and your dog. Getting to know the trainers you are working with and making sure you are pleased with the style of training they will provide is a key element in this search.


How to register for an Evaluation

  • Step 1. Use the register button below to set up your dogs profile and upload their vaccination information.

    Vaccination Requirements

    • DH2PP-booster or Titer Test updated annually
    • Rabies by Law but Titer Test will be accepted
    • Bordetella – If you choose to give this to your dog, it must be minimum 2 weeks prior to drop off. If you prefer not to vaccinate your dog against this, we will require a waiver signed prior to drop off.
    • Negative annual fecal float test annually. It should check for Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and microscopic intestinal parasites (like coccidia and Giardia).
    • Brucellosis for rescue dogs imported outside of Canada or the USA.
Register To Book An Evaluation
  • Step 2. On your profile click Book Now

  • Step 3. Click Evaluation Request

  • Step 4. Select Pet for the Evaluation then click “Continue”

  • Step 5. Select Training Evaluation or Boarding & Temperament test  “Click Continue”

  • Step 6. Payment Policy Ignore as these are free “Click Submit Request”

  • Step 7. We will validate your dogs vaccination records. If everything is good  we will reach out for the Next Available time that we have. If not we will request any more information that we need.

  • Step 8. You will be sent an email through the program that says PENDING PICK EVALUATION DATE. This email will have a link with the dates and times we have available for evaluations.

  • Step 9. All dogs entering our facility need to be on a regular 4-6 ft leash and under control at all times.

This is a no obligation session. 

We look forward to meeting with you.