Are you going away? Why not have the stay with us?

At Endeavour K9, we care for your dog in a whole new way. Our dog training and behavioural background has driven us to run our facility unlike many out there. 

This brand new 12,000 sq. ft. facility opened in the spring of 2021, bringing a new and innovative approach to your dogs care.

We are an exclusive dog resort, not a regular boarding kennel. Our priority is your dog physical and mental well-being. We teach and maintain basic manners while your dog is here, which very few facilities do. As an educational dog resort we work on basic manners with the dogs in our care: including walking on a loose leash, waiting for their food, sitting and waiting at doorways and more, they are often rewarded in their rooms for being quiet.

Our facility is one of the few owned and operated by a professional dog trainer who has spent years helping owners and their dogs understand each other and to have a better relationship with each other.

We have spent 10 years researching the best possible way to design our facility with the best possible care in mind and the least amount of stress on our guests.

The result of this research is a degree of service and care that exceeds even our most discerning guest’s expectations.

We will keep a close eye on your dog’s eating habits, and ensure that they are getting the nourishment they need. We do health checks with the owners present at the time of drop off and pick up. We will monitor their weight, bathroom breaks and overall condition to ensure that they are healthy and happy when they leave. If we notice any issues at all, we will tend to them promptly.

We take our responsibility of caring for your dog to heart and care for our guests as if they were our own.  Our professionally-trained staff, we strive to consistently provide our guests with the highest quality of care possible.

Your dog enjoys 110sq ft runs throughout the day but at night they are kept to 35 sq ft. Your dog will also get individual one on one time 4-6 times a day in one of our 5 fenced in areas with one of our staff.

Our facility is built trying to minimize stress, although we have 15 runs on each side they are divided into sections with no more than 8 runs per section.  This helps maintain less noise and barking and therefore less stress. We have 6 zones with SANUVAIR® Air Purification System with HEPA Filter & 2 Germicidal Lamps to prevent sickness.

We are also one of the few facilities that you can add training for your dog while they stay with us.

Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding

Boarding Suites

All dogs are welcome

Boarding: Drop-off/Pick Up times. 

Monday – Friday are between 8:00am-9:30 am and 3:30 pm-4:45 pm

Saturday & Sunday are between 8:30am-10:00 am and 2:30 pm-3:45 pm

If your dog is new to Endeavour K9, we require you to schedule an evaluation/tour. During the evaluation we may recommend that a trial be done to assess your dog better or allow them shorter stays to be more comfortable before a longer stay to ensure that your dog is suitable for our environment and avoid any disappointments.


110 sq ft space

Raised Kuranda Dog Bed

Unlike traditional boarding facilities, we prioritize the safety and comfort of each dog by avoiding group interactions to prevent any potential mishaps. Dogs from the same household are able to go out together.
Each dog has its own individual space. This allows us to monitor feeding and drinking habits.
Alexia in each section playing music for dogs to be stimulated
All pets are in our play yards 5-7 times a day one on one with our staff.
We offer the ability to purchase add on activities for your dog.

Day Boarding Rate: Is for dogs who are just here for the day. They are dropped off during our AM drop off time and picked up in our PM drop off time.

Regular Boarding Rate: Is for dogs who have no issues being handled by staff.

VIP Boarding Includes Training Reinforcement: Dogs picking our VIP Stay receive benefits from basic training. This includes focusing on manners, leash pulling, and recall. New Dogs will be required to have a Training Evaluation Prior to Booking

Puppy Or Minor Behaviour Problem: is for dogs who are fine outside but may need extra time to be taken out, are nervous of people, but are fine once out. Or staff may require aid in bringing the dog out with PPE or another staff member. Puppies who need extra let outs and extra meals. This also includes dogs who are very nervous or dogs with potty issues.

Problem Behaviour- we are not a hands off facility. Dogs are taken out with 2 staff members on leash at all times. A trial stay is required.  Bookings will need to be scheduled far enough in advanced to make sure extra staff are on shift. Any dogs who have fear or aggression towards people. Any dogs who bark, lunge, snap, and try to bite at staff will be set to this rate.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We require a temperament test/evaluation and a 24 hour trial run before accepting new dogs for longer times.
  • 110 sq. ft indoor/patio area
  • Clean, comfortable, climate-controlled surroundings
  • We have 6 zones with each zone has a SANUVAIR® Air Purification Systems with HEPA Filter & 2 Germicidal Lamps in each air exchange
  • Full spectrum lighting and soothing music to help cut down on stress
  • Kuranda raised dog bed with orthopedic support and chew proof.
  • Large, grassy outdoor play areas
  • Countless leisure activities
  • Secure interior and perimeter fencing for safety
  • Owner residence on-site
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Our outdoor patio is still in the building with lots of natural ventilation. This allows your dog more space all year long without shoveling snow and ice. This also means our outdoor patio is easier to be kept clean and disinfected.
  • 24 hour surveillance
  • Wellness Checks and weight on check in
  • Wellness checks and weight on Check out.
  • Basic Manners- Sitting to have the leash put on. waiting at doors, walking on a loose leash, waiting for food.
  • Each Kennel has solid walls inside and out to relieve stress from seeing other dogs and prevents any unwanted behavioural issues.
  • Dogs are taken out multiple times a day. This is approximate schedule times for the dogs here, 20 minutes outdoor time depending on dogs needs
    • 7:00-8:00 am morning pee break
    • 8:00 am feeding time
    • 9:00-10:00 am individual supervised outdoor time either in our fenced in area or for a walk
    • 12:00-1:30 pm individual supervised outdoor time either in our fenced in area or for a walk
    • 2:30-3:30 pm individual supervised outdoor time either in our fenced in area or for a walk
    • 4:30-5:00 pm pee break
    • 5:00-5:30 pm dinner
    • 6:30-8:00 pm individual supervised outdoor time either in our fenced in area or for a walk
    • 9:30-10:00 pm last potty break
  • Bad weather dogs are exercised on a treadmill
  • Am & Pm Feedings- food is provided by the owner in individual pre packaged meals.
  • Noon feeding – if applicable
  • Medication- if applicable
  • Designed for dogs that don’t get along with other dogs.

Free Temperament Test and Evaluation

Frequently Asked Questions

Kennel Cough (or Canine Cough) is an upper respiratory infection caused by both a bacteria and a virus. It is also known as Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC) and Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis as it affects the dog’s lungs, windpipe and voice box.

Although Kennel Cough is highly contagious and extremely uncomfortable, it usually can only be life-threatening in young puppies, geriatric dogs, and immune compromised dogs.

What Are Kennel Cough Symptoms Like?

Although Kennel Cough in dogs is not fatal, it does cause symptoms that make an infected dog quite miserable. The most common symptoms of Kennel Cough include:

1. A dry, hacking cough. This is a classic symptom. The cough is generally dry (although sometimes mucous can be expelled) and may be described as a “honking” noise. The cough is constant, persistent, and can be unsettling. Some dogs may experience a coughing fit every few minutes. Others may constantly be coughing as they are walking, lying down, or going about their daily activities. The cough is probably the most uncomfortable aspect for dogs (as can be seen and heard).

2. Fever. If the dog develops a fever, he probably has contracted a more severe form of the disease. Some dogs with Canine Cough appear perfectly normal and healthy, other than the fact that they are coughing all the time. But a low-grade fever indicates that his body is hard at work trying to fight off infection.

3. Lethargy. Not all dogs with this illness appear lethargic. Some do, while others appear perfectly normal. If the dog is lethargic, he will have decreased energy, poor appetite, lack of interest in activities he is usually excited about, minimal motivation, etc.

4. Discharge. Nasal discharge and watery, runny eyes are a common symptom of Kennel Cough. In most cases, the discharge will be clear but sometimes it can be slightly cloudy or discolored, the latter of which is usually a sign of secondary infection.

While these Kennel Cough symptoms may not sound like much to be concerned about – after all, don’t we all have these symptoms when we’re suffering from a harmless little cold? – they are taking a major toll on your dog’s body and his mental state.

If you suspect that your dog may have contracted this illness, have him seen by a vet immediately – don’t delay!

How long does Kennel Cough last?

Most dogs recover from Kennel Cough within 3-4 weeks. If a dog has a compromised immune system, is a young puppy or a senior, it may take up to 6 weeks for a complete recovery. However, the dog may still be a carrier of the disease for several weeks after he has recovered. The answer to exactly how long Kennel Cough lasts truly depends on the individual dog, but 3-6 weeks is a common time frame. 

If your dog has had Kennel Cough within 6 weeks prior to to your booking please contact us to discuss options.

A titer test is a laboratory blood test. It checks for the presence of certain antibodies in the blood stream. Testing involves drawing blood from a patient and check it in a lab for presence of bacteria or disease. It is often used to see if the dog is immune to a certain virus or needs vaccination.

If you have not collected your dog forty-eight (48) hours after the agreed collection time and all efforts of contacting you have been unsuccessful, then your personal contact information and your dog will be given to the HS. You will also be billed for the additional hours that your dog was in our care.

We would appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can try to accommodate your dog around our other bookings. Regular boarding rates will be added to your bill and must be paid at the time you collect your dog.

Of course we feed raw ourselves and carry a variety in our retail store! We’re happy to feed your dog his special diet while he stays with us, whether that means raw food, food from your vet, or home cooked food you have provided for his stay.

Yes! If your dog is on kibble, you must provide your own dog’s food in pre-packaged individual meals per meal.  If your dog is raw-fed, raw food can be purchased from our store or please bring it in the containers and let our staff know at drop-off how much your dog gets per meal.

All food must be either:

Kibble must be pre-portioned per meal in individual plastic food storage bags/containers. Please let us know if you would like the bags returned.

Raw-fed dogs: We have a separate freezer for boarding dogs and are happy to feed raw to your dog during their stay. Please provide clear feeding instructions for our staff.

If your dog is here for an extended stay. Please reach out to us.

Absolutely. We ask that you bring a few extra days’ worth of food, please be sure it’s pre-packaged like the rest.  In the event of an emergency that would require your dogs pickup to be delayed,  especially in winter, we want to make sure we have enough food just in case.  We do not have the space to store large bags of food and want to have the food in proper storage containers for your dog’s safety. It is also unfair to ask our staff to carry 50lbs of food multiple times a day. If the need arises we would be happy to pick up additional food for your dog so they never go without. If your dog is on a special diet this may be challenging for us if it has to be ordered.

We really aren’t. Our rate is per hour. Most facilities charge per night with drop off  in the afternoon and check out in the morning much like a hotel(18 hours). Additional costs are added if the dog is there later than the morning pickup time.  To make things easier we charge by the hour to allow flexible pickup and drop off times. So for instance a facility charging $55/night with drop off at 3:30pm and pick up at 9:30am our cost is $56.34 for the same 18 hours.

We are an exclusive dog resort and a training based facility, not a regular boarding kennel. Our priority is your dog physical and mental well-being. We teach or maintain basic manners while your dog is here, which very few facilities do. We don’t have a ton of dogs as we only accept max 30 at a time. We are about the quality of care, not the quantity of dogs here.

We will keep a close eye on your dog’s eating habits, and ensure that they are getting the nourishment they need. We will monitor their weight, temperament and overall condition to ensure that they are healthy and happy when they leave. If we notice any issues at all, we will tend to them promptly.

Our facility is built trying to minimize stress, although we have 15 runs on each side they are divided into sections with no more than 8 runs per section. This helps maintain less noise and barking and therefore less stress. We also play music to keep a calm environment and we have 6 zones with SANUVAIR® Air Purification System with HEPA Filter & 2 Germicidal Lamps to prevent sickness with with 7 HVAC’s and 7 A/C as well as in floor heating through the whole building. Our flooring is covered with MMA(similar to epoxy) to prevent smells from soaking into the cement.

Your dog will also get individual one on one time a few times a day outside with one of our staff, not in large group of dogs with a low person to dog ratio. We are also one of the few facilities that you can add training for your dog while they stay with us.

If you are trying to compare costs please note that there are very few training based facilities, let alone facilities with the thought put into the building as we have done. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Yes, we accept unspayed/unneutered dogs.

Canine Suites are a generous 5’x7’x7’ which can accommodate 1 large dog inside and 5’x15’x7′ outside with raised bedding and they are cleaned and disinfected daily. A total of 110 sq ft. inside and outside.

All dogs are billed for their own individual run, this allows them to have their own space, be able to eat without worrying one will eat more than they should.   We take the dogs out together for potty breaks and playtime together. Our kennels are designed for 1 large dog and we are unable to have more than 1 due to our zoning.

However, in the Board & Train or Day Training Immersion environment, we need to be able to control every aspect of the dog’s environment and to have the dogs ready to learn all throughout the day. We cannot maintain that control if family members are rough-housing and playing in the kennel runs during their off time.

Our kennel license is approved for 50 dogs on the property. As a training based facility we run classes as well as private training and daycare. We have 30 boarding suites and each dog has their own suite while they are here. For boarding we will only take 30 dogs into our care. Our priority is the quality of care for your dog, not the quantity of dogs in our care.

This allows us to better monitor their eating habits and make sure they eat what is given to them. Dogs currently are taken out for individual walks 5-7 times a day until our fences go in. Once our fences are up dogs from the same family can go out and socialize together.

We prefer to give each dog individual attention while they are here and we feel we can do this with keeping the number of dogs in our suites to 1 dog per suite.

Yes. You are welcome to bring your dog’s bed/blanket as long as the bed can fit in our regular-size washing machine as a whole.  If the bedding is not washable nor will it fit in our washing machine, we will not accept it. We provide raised Kuranda beds in all of our kennels, any bed will go on top of the Kuranda. If your dog is a chewer, please make sure that you let us know this ahead of time, if we know they are chewing any beds or blankets we will remove them! We are not responsible for lost or damaged bedding.

Majority of dogs …No. We have a few wire crates here if you would like your dog to be crated during their stay. But we have a limited number of crates. We will not under any circumstances carry in crates or store crates unless you have a puppy that is under 6 months of age. We will use our provided crates or no crates as your dog is confined in the 5×7 section of our kennel at night.

We offer 2 options 1- A Free in person evaluation/tour. This gives is a chance to meet you and your dog and determine if a trail is required or if you can just book your spot. 2- A trial. This is for dogs further away or who you think might have some struggles and having a shorter stay to be comfortable before longer stays.
The evaluation is approximately 30-60 minutes in length with our staff. All dogs entering our facility need to be on a regular 4-6ft leash and under control at all times. (no flexi leashes)

What Happens during the Evaluation?

  • Tour of the facility
  • We will see how your dog handles being in our facility during the tour.
  • Talk to you and ask questions about your dog.
  • We can address any questions or concerns while you are here.

If this will be your dog’s first time we recommend all new clients to book an evaluation first however its not required. We do require an overnight trial stay prior to booking longer stays which could prove to be quite insightful and save you the stress of thinking up until the day of your departure, “I sure hope Buddy is going to be alright when I’m gone.”

Having your dog stay for a trial at our facility will allow us both to see how they will react to the situation. It will also give the staff a chance to meet your pet. New environments can be stressful and this policy is for your dog’s benefit, in order to make sure they are happy, healthy and safe to be boarded. We welcome all dogs and have many with behavioural issues as we don’t socialize dogs together.

As a training based facility a trial stay allows us to thoroughly assess your dog and provide updates and honest feedback about how they did. If your dog is stressed out or isn’t doing well, we will let you know at pickup how they did. It may be that we aren’t the right choice for your dog, it maybe that a few more stays for your dog to be more comfortable before longer stays or it may be that they need a little bit of work in training prior to their board to ensure both their and our staff’s safety.

During this assessment we are not only seeing how your dog has done, but you as well.  Do you show up for your scheduled times, are you late, do you communicate if you are going to be late. Do you understand that if you are past our times that their will be additional fees.

We take your dogs well-being to heart and want to give you piece of mind that they are in good hands while you are away. Please make sure when you drop your dog off and pick them up that you give yourself approximately 30 minutes for our wellness check.
  • Dogs will be checked over with the owner at drop off- This will cover full nose to tail. We are looking for bumps, lumps, scratches, weight of dog, etc.
  • Daily checks will be done on your dog to make sure no injuries have happened, we will also do daily weights.
  • Individual potty breaks with our staff allows us to keep an eye on any other issues that may arise in their urine or stool.
  • Dogs not use to this environment can loose a little bit of weight due to stress, more exercise or sometimes they don’t eat as much. We want to make sure that your dog doesn’t loose too much under our care.
  • Dogs will also be fully checked over with the owner at pick up. We will go over the same protocol as drop off. Please make sure you give yourself enough time to go over the wellness check.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet for any reason including, without limitation, if it appears that the pet is sick, injured, in pain, or that its behaviour could jeopardize the health and safety of other pets or our staff.

If your dog requires immediate veterinarian care, we will do everything we can to contact you. In the case we are not able to reach you we will transport your dog to the veterinarian listed in your application. If your veterinarian is not available we will go to the closest to our home. You will be responsible for any and all veterinarian fees incurred for your dog’s treatment.

  • All dogs must be in good health. No coughing, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea 72 hours prior to arrival. If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms while he/she is in our care you may be asked to come pick them up or have a family or friend pick them up
  • If your dog has been treated for a contagious illness, we cannot accept your dog for at least 2 weeks after treatment has been completed.
  • No females in heat
  • Dogs that have any sort of separation anxiety for boarding are approved by a case by case basis. Please check out our Board & Train options to help with this.
  • We do not take any dogs who have aggression towards people.
  • Dog owners are responsible for any damage that their dog may do to our facility.
  • If your dog has any behavioural problems we suggest talking to our trainer about a board & train to help overcome these issues. For boarding we only maintain basic behaviours as not everyone on staff are trainers.

We require a card on file and 50% is taken at booking which are NON REFUNDABLE.

All booking for boarding needs to be done through our client portal. If we are available to board your dog(s) you will receive a Boarding Confirmation email first.

Your pet will not leave the facility until all charges due are paid, and that any remaining fees are due upon pickup Including special services requested, supplies, any veterinary costs, and fees for additional unscheduled boarding. We require that owners must have a valid credit card on file and when we check your dog out the remaining balance is charged to your card. 

We love puppies! We do accept puppies staying with us, however we do prefer they need to have their second set of shots.

You are welcome to call or send an email any time you wish you check in. Although it’s likely your dog is doing just fine, we know that a little reassurance is nice. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see up to date photos of your dog during their stay. If your dog is here for longer stays we will send a report card with photos approximately every 2-3 days through the client portal.

If your dog has passed the initial evaluation or trial boarding, try to book at least a week in advance for non-holiday periods, and at least a month in advance for holidays. During the Christmas period and long weekends throughout the summer, we are especially busy and our spots fill up a month or two in advance.
If your dog has never stayed with us, please give plenty of time for an initial trial boarding, and keep in mind that we are very busy during holiday periods.

Definitely! Our overnight guests are carefully screened. Each new boarding client must come in for an evaluation and a tour. Depending on how that dog is while here we may require them to do an overnight trial boarding, so we can assess behaviour, anxiety levels and their general comfort in our facility. Boarding dogs must also be up to date on vaccinations, be free of any communicable disease and friendly towards people. If your dog is friendly during our evaluation, we will not require a trial.
For the safety of our dogs and our staff, we reserve the right to turn down any current or potential boarders that do not meet our basic boarding requirements. Please note that our assessments is not only the dog, sometimes people are also not the right fit for us.

No, we do not stay overnight in the facility, however someone is on the property at all times just a few feet away. We do have surveillance cameras  in the facility indoor and outdoor. These cameras are all connected  to our phones and tablets and notifies us if theirs anything out of the ordinary. (sound and movement) it also records for 40 days in the intern memory 24/7. 

Fees are based per hour and based per dog.

Your dog being dropped off at 3 pm and picked up at 9 am the cost is $56.32 plus HST your dog is here for 18 hours (per night prices similar to hotels).  Where a dog that is dropped off at 9 am and picked up at 9 am the following day is $75.12 plus HST as they are here for 24 hours.

Open Hours- By appointment only. 

  • Monday – Friday : 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9:00am-4:00pm

Boarding: Drop-off/Pick Up times. 

  • Monday – Friday are between 8:00am-9:30am and 3:30-5:00pm.
  • Saturday & Sunday are between 8:30-10:00am and 2:30pm-4:00pm.
  • Other times during our open hours can be arranged by appointment only, if we have an opening. 

Day School Hours Monday- Friday ONLY ( We do not run Day School on weekends or Holidays) 

  • Drop off times- 8:00am – 9:30am.
  • Pick Up times-  3:300pm- 5:00pm

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We work with training clients and some dogs are not the best with people and for the safety of everyone we cannot have tours during these times.  As we operate as an appointment only facility, we accommodate tours by appointment only.  This gives our staff more time to dedicate to you. We encourage you to ask many questions, as it is our goal for you to have peace of mind while on vacation or at work.

The only room that won’t be permitted during our tour is our maternity room. This room has separate ventilation and we have taken special precautions in building this area for our breeding dogs and/or any puppies we may have at the time to keep any possible diseases out of this room as puppies won’t have built up immunity until older.  Thank you for understanding.

We don’t offer discounts on extra dogs or longer stays. Each dog has their own separate space.  Dogs from the same household will taken out together for potty breaks and some play time


Yes and No.

Yes for  those dogs who have done training with us and are daycare approved and do attend daycare here. If there are other dogs that are here who are also daycare approved we can take them out together in a buddy system. Owners must give us permission to  do so.

No we will not socialize other dogs unless they are from the same family together.

We understand that traffic can be difficult or weather can be unpredictable. All we ask is that you call us at 226-887-3695  and let us know. We have scheduled times for pickup and drop off and you will have to pick a time at booking on when you would drop them off and pick them up. If you are going to be late and are still able to drop them off within our window just let us know so our staff can do other things until you show up. If you cannot make our drop off window and are dropping off outside of our times we also charge a $60 fee and you will also be billed from the time your dog was scheduled to be here or any addition time your dog was past their time.

For instance if you are scheduled to drop off your dog at 9 am during the week and will be 15 minutes late there is no additional fees.   However if you are schedule to drop your dog off at 4pm and arrive after we close at 5:00 pm there will be a charge of $60 for being late. If you call us before hand that you will be late depending on the reason and amount of time we may waive this fee. This is a case by case basis.