Puppy Socialization

I often see people posting on Facebook that they have a new puppy and they are looking to “socialize” their puppy and are looking for play dates or they are looking for recommendations on dog parks or daycares to attend. Unfortunately when I see this I cringe. The photo posted is when I raised litters [...]

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Dog Friendly Locations

Belgian Nursery on Victoria St Canadian Tire on Victoria St Factory Shoe on Victoria St KW Surplus on Victoria St Canadian Tire by Sunrise Centre Bed Bath and Beyond on the Boardwalk Adventure Guide on the Boardwalk Curry’s on the Boardwalk Marshalls on the Boardwalk Winners on the Boardwalk Oiseau Hair Salon on King [...]

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Leash Reactivity

As much as this can be frustrating and embarrassing, don't feel bad. This is one of the most common problems we deal with.   "Leash Reactivity" is a the dog that reacts to another dog, a person, or an object. Essentially, the dog to does things like bark, growl, and lunge — which can look like [...]

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How do you pick?

There are so many pet businesses out there it can be a little overwhelming. One offers the same thing but cheaper, people boarding in their homes, or boarding in your home. So how do you pick? Personally I'm very picky on where my dogs go. There are places I recommend. But each person is different [...]

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