Kitchener Waterloo’s Favourite Dog Boarding & Training Facility

Endeavour K9

Division of ES Hoffer & Sons Limited

Kitchener Waterloo’s Favourite Dog Boarding & Training Facility

Endeavour K9

Division of ES Hoffer & Sons Limited





We help people with like these with their dogs on a daily basis? Does this sound like your dog?  

We have helped frustrated dog owners to make their life easier and enjoy their dog more.

  • Does your dog not come back when you call them? You are afraid they will take off or something worse will happen.

  • Does your dog pull you on leash to the point your arm hurts and don’t want to walk them anymore?

  • Do they lunging or jumping inappropriately at people or dogs that you are embarrassed to walk them while other people are around?

  • Do you have a new puppy and have never had a dog before and want to make sure you do it right?

  • Have you been to other trainers and are still struggling and don’t know what else to do?

  • Your afraid that you have a large dog and they are hard to handle and they may hurt you or someone else?

  • Your dog just needs basic manners and training so you can have the best life with them together.

  • You have a dog that doesn’t do well with other dogs and you don’t want to have them socializing with others while you are away.

  • You don’t want to leave your dog with someone else as you would like to keep their training maintained.

  • Are you looking for more one on one time with staff than a group of dogs?

  • Are you looking for a place that is quieter with less dogs?

We Believe YOU Deserve…


A dog that wants to listen to you, enjoys training and you receive the coaching you need to have a well mannered member of the family. 

So many dog owners are completely lost or frustrated on where to start – especially if they’re dealing with serious behavioural issues. Or they are looking for a safe place to bring their dog that is quiet and with a smaller amount of dogs.

This is why we offer Evaluations. We meet with you one on one and go over

  • The issues concerning your dog
  • Areas you are struggling with
  • Suggestions you can get started on right away.
  • The goals you have for your dog
  • We help you start with a plan, but without a solid process behind that planning real progress often remains elusive.
  • We meet with you and your dog before you go away.

Endeavour K9 has a simple, flexible process to produce a truly customizable approach to suit you, your dog, and the things you wish to achieve.

Realistic goals, milestones to reach, which pieces you need to start to teach first and how to begin that work – we’ll coach you put all the pieces together.

Testimonial/Success Story

After striking out with a first trainer who did not believe in certain training equipment, we discovered Shanna and her new training and boarding business.  Tucker (and frankly maybe more Rob and I) have learned a lot to keep him safe and us sane. At 22 months and nearly 100 pounds we are now fine tuning his training with an e collar and private lessons. Tucker and his buddy Samantha also boarded. So comforting to know Shanna and her staff know us and our dogs . Heartily recommend her to anyone who wants the best for their best friends!!

Ingrid, Rob & Tucker

Why You Can Trust Us

We have helped 100’s of dogs since we started training in 2010. We offer a variety of services to help and maintain your training even while you are away. We help you get the results you want.

Endeavour K9 focuses on the holistic approach to solving common and difficult problems. We offer an  environment that is conducive to learning for all who attend our training and boarding facility.

Our goal is to help you produce happy, responsive, reliable behaviours in your dog over time – Training doesn’t stop, we will teach you what you don’t do as much as you need to do to get the dog you wanted.

We built our facility on 43 acres to the highest standards unlike any other facilities out there.  Where built it as a place we would want to send our dogs, where they got a lot of individual attention with staff members and a lot of space to run.

Some of the reasons working with Endeavour K9 is a smart choice:

  • Continued Education– We’re always learning and studying to provide our clients top-notch advice and coaching. Dogs are not a job for us, it’s our passion, our life. We participate in sports and activities with our own dogs regularly.
  • Team Effort- It takes a village to help you with your dog. Either it be supporting you with your training goals or taking care of them while you are away. We offer access to our client only Facebook group and access to our maintenance group classes after your dog’s training is completed.
  • Experienced & Respected– Endeavour K9 has earned a trusted reputation you can rely on. We are award winning since 2o16 for top 3 Dog Trainers in Waterloo and have been training since 2010.
  • Flexible Approach– We help you set goals and milestones, but how we get there is completely flexible. Training is not one size fits all, we can use a variety of tools (leashes, collars, food, toys, etc) to help your dog.
  • Open Minded– We use a variety of tools whichever is best for you and your dog – anything else just wouldn’t be professional.
  • Committed– 14 years of committed professionalism means we’re all about helping you and your dog.

The solutions we create through our work together and understanding why your dog is doing what they are doing, we will build on a solid understanding of your unique situation, considering all available tools and means as they may be relevant.


Member of the Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association

Member of The German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada

Member of the Canadian Kennel Club

Member of the Belgian Shepherd Club of Canada

Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals

Best Dog trainers in Waterloo
Best Dog trainers in Waterloo

Bronze Winner Best Kennel

4 ways we can help you.

We offer a variety of options to to suit your need.

Dog Training

Dog Training 

Our programs are designed for success and we provide support during and after most programs up to a year after training. We provide Private training, Day Training and Board & Trains Bootcamps for puppies (under 5 months) and adult dogs. We also provide group classes after your program is complete. All of our programs are designed to help you reach your training goals with effective, proven instruction and exceptional support.

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

We are an exclusive dog resort, not a regular boarding kennel. Our priority is your dog physical and mental well-being. We teach and maintain basic manners while your dog is here, which very few facilities do. As an educational dog resort we work on basic manners with the dogs in our care: including walking on a loose leash, waiting for their food, sitting and waiting at doorways and more, they are often rewarded in their rooms for being quiet.



Our retail is an appointment only facility. Please call before coming. We offer a selection of products including Ruff Land Performance Kennels, Raddog tug toys, Inukshuck Dog Food, Ryans’s Raw dog food & treats, West Paw and more.



Our Enrichment Daycare  was created as the vision of what we wanted our current or previous clients dog’s to experience. A safe place to take their dogs after training and consistently offer them structure, rules and positive socialization.

We wanted the intimacy of being able to do touch up training with a small number of dogs, while providing structured downtime and enrichment.

We believe you deserve.


A dog that not only listens but is also LOVES working with you and has a great experience while training.


We want clients to ask questions, make sure they understand what they are doing, seek feedback, check in, do the work, and put in the time and effort to achieve. Our programs include video lessons, handouts and a Facebook group


That your dog is well taken care of. We do health checks when dogs come in. Dogs also either go home for their programs during the evening or on weekends for training.


We give updated report cards every 2-3 days for dogs staying with us and post photos on social media.

Testimonial/Success Story

Owning a puppy during COVID was no easy task.  Although it was lovely to have more time at home to spend with our magnificent little beast, he fed off any anxiety in the home (and there was lots) and did not have as many interactions in the community with people, places and things as he would have pre-COVID.  Add in that Gotham is a Dutch Shepherd with some breed specific needs for training and we knew we could benefit from some professional support.   Shanna at Endeavour completed an assessment and gave some helpful feedback.   We enrolled in the Puppy Engagement class and immediately saw Gotham’s confidence rise.  Obedience class was next and we started to really recognize Gotham’s potential as he is eager to learn when given the right directions.  We look forward to doing more classes this year with Shanna and her team.

We have also been so thrilled with the boarding facilities at Endeavour.  We have 100% confidence of Gotham’s care while he is there.  Additionally, the store is a great place to shop for treats, equipment, food and supplies.

Thank you to Endeavour K9 for helping us to get to know our dog’s needs and abilities so he (and we) can develop!

Rebecca & Gotham

What you get

  • You will get access to our Training clients Facebook Group.

  • We’re always learning and studying to provide our clients top-notch advice and coaching.

  • It takes a village to help you with your dog. Either it be supporting you with your training goals or taking care of them while you are away.

  • Flexible Approach– We help you set goals and milestones, but how we get there is completely flexible.

  • Open Minded– We use a variety of tools whichever is best for you and your dog – anything else just wouldn’t be professional.

  • Through clear communication and consistancy we help you produce happy, responsive, reliable behaviours in your dog over time

  • While your dog stays with us

    • We do a snout to tail health check at drop-off and pick up
    • We monitor food and water intake while your dog stays with us
    • We spend one on one time with your dog as we don’t socialize dogs together
    • We maintain training as we are structured facility
    • We care about your dogs health while they stay with us.
    • We require evaluations to get to know your dog before staying and we may require a trial depending on the dog.

Here at Endeavour K9 we require to meet with you and your dog in person before any of our services. During our evaluations we discuss in detail your dogs stay or your goals you have for training and customize a plan specific to your wants. And get them started

You get all this, plus the confidence you and your dog are living your best lives when you contact Endeavour K9 today!

3 Ways You Can Train With Us

Choosing a dog training professional is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to the happiness of you and your dog. Getting to know the trainers you are working with and making sure you are pleased with the style of training they will provide is a key element in this search.

Private One on One Training

Private One on One Training

  • Private One-on-One training programs is customized training plan to help you work towards resolving any of your dog’s unwanted behaviours and achieve your training goals.

Day Training

Day Training

  • Our Day Training is a daily dog training program designed to provide a maximum amount of learning while allowing your pet to spend evenings and weekends at home.

Board & Train

Board & Train

  • Our Board & Train program is where your dog will stay with us and will learn how to communicate and interact with me while we start the new foundation and pass it onto you later.

Testimonial/Success Story

We have been fortunate enough to have Piper participate in training, daycare and boarding at Endeavour K9. Shanna and her team balance a professional, thorough and structured approach to dog training and care with a personal and caring touch. The high standards and safety measures along with the personal attention provided at Endeavour K9 give dog owners like myself the comfort that our dogs are receiving the highest quality of care. The e-collar training was methodical and allowed both Piper and myself to be introduced to e-collar training in a gradual and responsible manner. Classes like Organized Chaos are effective in learning appropriate behaviours and manners in real world environment.  The daycare is both educational and social in nature and provides both mental and physical outlets for the dogs in a safe environment with a low ratio of dogs to handlers. The facilities are Endeavour K9 are top-notch, and very clean. It’s reassuring leaving your dog at Endeavour K9 knowing they have their own spacious suite in a clean facility, with experienced staff,  many enrichment opportunities, and thorough processes and procedures. Thank you to Shanna and her team for their commitment to high standards, and the quality of care, and attention they provide to Piper and all the dogs in their care.

Jill & Piper

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