Shanna did an excellent job with my girl Pepper!! Very professional and up to date training methods!! I would highly recommend this excellent training program!!!


Wonderful service and such helpful advice when I decided to make the switch from kibble to raw. Thanks again Shanna!


Shanna knows her stuff. She focused on the whole dog – inside and out – from behaviour improvement to balanced and complete nutrition.


Today we took Lizzy to the KW Humane Society family day. It was indoors at community Centre. ‎ Lots of dogs and people. Lizzy did very well. She greeted many dogs (there were a couple of reactive dogs we stayed away from). She was well behaved and her tail wagged in joy. She was not stressed. We did use the ecollar.

Thought I would let you know.


Pawsitive Canine Connection was a lifesaver for me – 4th dog trainer that I went to. I adopted a 2yr old, 100lb mutt from the Humane Society that was super reactive. Not anymore. Now I can enjoy off leash freedom with the e-collar and we regularly go on pack walks!!! Highly recommend.


I have been using Shanna’s services for a few years. We thoroughly enjoy the Structured PlayGroup. These controlled group settings have helped my Doodle(Charlie) learn boundaries while still having fun.Creating calm is another one of my favorites, especially with a high energy dog.Shanna always goes above and beyond to help.

I would highly recommend Pawsitive Canine Connection.

Robbin and Charlie

Meeting you was a life saver! Thank you so much for your time, everything you said was correct. Ruby is my alpha, the more I watch them the more I realize Storm takes all direction from her. I started the leash training on my waist with him and what a new dog I have. His attitude changes immediately, and he seems to love it. I tried to put Ruby on the leash but Storm got mad and growled at her and stood in our way so I put him back on and he was fine again. I bought a puzzle dish for him and he got his food out of it in less than 3 minutes. We were so shocked! I play hide and seek with them every night and I am working with Storm every day. I just can’t believe the difference in him in such a short time and my friends are so amazed. I can never thank you enough.


Thank you for teaching me everything I need to know to raise my happy, healthy, well socialized puppy!! You and your teachings have been invaluable to us in raising Dutch, and the hikes and group walks that you organize are amazing in helping us keep him very well socialized and exercised. The fact that you make yourself so accessible for me to ask questions, or even just when I need a little support while Dutch is enjoying his “terrible twos” is so comforting to me and very much appreciated.

Shanna, you are a great trainer, a wonderful person, and a real blessing to any doggy that you happen to be able to help!!


Shanna has worked wonders with my 4 year old rescue dog who was both fearful and reactive. In the process I have gained valuable knowledge so that I now understand my dog and am better able to prevent issues from arising. Shanna’s consistently positive attitude was an important part of the training because I had almost given up on being able to help my dog behave better. With Shanna’s advice and guidance, she has become a much happier and more relaxed dog who is now able to be around other dogs and I am able to confidently take her for walks without having to be worried myself when encountering other dogs or children.

Cathy & Max

When I first decided to place a sample order for Big Country Raw almost a year ago, both our Siberians were already on a raw diet, prepared at home. Since that first order, I have placed an order ever month. The quality, variety, and packaging has ensured the pups are getting a well-balanced diet. Its easy to prepare and serve (a lot less mess then preparing myself). Also, with the smaller 1lb containers, I can try a new protein or blend before buying a larger container.

Shanna @ Pawsitive Canine Connection has been a great resource and keeps me in the know about changes and new products.

Thank you from Otus, Chinook, and me!

The pups love the taste and variety. I love the variety, packaging, quality, and the price.


Shanna’s training goes back to the basics with engagement. With our challenging pup that is exactly what we needed.