Structured Play Groups

Enclosed dog parks have become popular recently because they are seen as the solution
for preventing dog-to-dog aggression. However, if not properly managed, a young dog may end up learning bad habits from the other dogs at the park instead. He may even get involved in skirmishes or fights.

Enclosed dog parks have many dogs together in a relatively small amount of space. There is little to no control in terms of a dog’s age, energy level, and temperament or some owners don’t care about how their dog acts.  Dogs are often set up for failure in dog parks and they are often put in a position to compete with other dogs. Many times dogs are often rewarded for bad behaviour and corrected for good behaviour. As a result, dog parks can be chaotic and unpredictable.

Our playgroups are facilitated by a trainer that will help you and your dog establish good doggie manners and safe play. You can also use this time to get advice on your issues.  

Our Play Groups are for all ages which is a perfect opportunity for your dog to learn to play and interact with other dogs and people in a safe, supervised environment. Our playgroups help dog associate other dogs with positive experiences and teaches him to stay in control even when he is excited.

There are many advantages to socializing our dog.

  • Socialization allows us to include our dogs in more trips and fun activities. This increases time spent with our dogs and creates a deeper bond that is based on shared experiences.
  • Socialization allows us to integrate our dogs more fully into our daily lives. In this way we get to enjoy more of our dog’s company and vice versa.
  • Socialization creates a more balanced dog that can do well with other caretakers when we are away on emergencies or vacations.
  • Socialization allows our dogs to live a more stress free and happy life. A confident dog who is not afraid new things will be able to experience more and enjoy his regular routine without the constant stress of threats and fears.
  • Dogs learn that their actions affect their environment and that there are consequences for bad decisions and behavior
  • It is if the dog teaching most of the class by giving them complete control over their interactions and lessons to be taught
  • Dogs learn impulse control, how to control their emotions, how to make good decisions when under pressure, and most importantly learn how to trust. Creating balance, secure and trusting dogs.


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