We are opening our gates to YOU and our canine friends.

Do you wish you could spend quality time alone with your dog in a big, safe space? Does your dog love to run for the joy of running? Have you had bad experiences at dog parks? Are you looking for a place to train you dog?

Enjoy a private run for your dog in our outdoor fenced in area or train your dog with our agility equipment. Rent our 1530 sq ft training room is ideal for extreme weather, practice your training, use our treadmills or FitPaws Equipment.

Your pup can run, explore, sniff, climb, and even train in our fully-fenced enclosure. It’s a dream come true for dogs and their owners.

Our facility gives you the peace of mind that public parks can’t. You and your dog can have a place to run, play, and train all by yourselves. Doggie play dates are also encouraged! In the dog park, there are no surprise encounters with unknown dogs or not knowing if they are vaccinated, so you can rest assured you and your dog will be safe. When booking with a friend they must also have an account in our system including up to date vaccinations before attending.

We provide waste disposal, agility equipment to test your pup’s sense of adventure. Fences are 6 to 8 feet high for optimum security. Dogs of any breed, size, or personality are welcome.

Each dog must be up to date on their vaccinations, be a customer in our system and we require a negative fecal test yearly unless your dog attends dog parks or other daycares. Bordetella is optional. Proof of vaccination before your first visit must be in our system and up to date, and a copy sent to us.


We live and work here, so please treat our home with respect. When you arrive, proceed into our reception area and we will lead you to either our fenced in are or training room. We ask that you pick up after your dog, and if you see a mess someone missed please dispose of it in the provided garbage cans.  Smoking is not permitted on our property.

To rent the facility with equipment you must be an experienced with it. This is in order for us to ensure the equipment is being used safely during your unsupervised floor time. If you are not as experienced, but would like to get your dog on any of the equipment, you can schedule a private session with us instead!

Rentals by Endeavour K9 clients are covered under our insurance. This means those who have an account through our online portal .

Third party professionals or non clients using our facility must carry liability insurance and provide us with a certificate of insurance listing Endeavour K9 as additional insured.

  • Agility Equipment

  • IGP Equipment

  • Treadmills

  • Bad weather and you are looking for some place to spend time training your dog.


  1. All visits are by appointment only: no drop-ins. Please reserve your time online or call us to book a time
  2. Pre-payment is required at time of booking
  3. Rescheduling policy- There is no refund for cancelled reservations. Please reschedule your visit for a time that works best for you!
  4. Dogs and children MUST be supervised by someone over the age of 18 years. Do not leave children unattended.
  5. Be mindful of your scheduled time, there will be a 15 min gap between dogs. Returning to your vehicle promptly at the end of your reserved time ensures a relaxed arrival for the next visitor. Remember that some dogs come to play here because they do not like meeting other dogs. Do not enter the park if it is occupied by someone.
  6. Toys are welcome but please bring your own.
  7. As our area is open for training please be aware that people will be using treats or snacks and some my get dropped. If your dog has allergies this maybe an issue for your dog.
  8. We are NOT responsible for lost items such as dog toys and personal belongings. If you find an item, please bring it to our front desk. Send us an email if you left something behind and would like it set aside until your next visit.
  9. For health reasons, it’s best if you bring your own water dish for your pup. Water is available so please ask.
  10. Areas outside of the fenced-in park are NOT an off-leash area. Your dog must be on leash going to and from your vehicle.
  11. Always latch the gates when you arrive and leave.
  12. Keep your dog at home if they have a cough, diarrhea, worms, fleas, or signs of illness.
  13. Area will be cleaned and left in good condition for next use.
  14. Our indoor area is under video surveillance.
  15. Our Vaccination Policy is in effect for all dogs attending our Facility (inside & out).
  16. $10 potty fee for our indoor training hall. Please make sure dogs go to the bathroom outside before using our indoor training room
  17. No food, drinks (not including water)are allowed within the park
  18. No smoking, or vaping is allowed on our property
  19. Poop n’ scoop is mandatory. All owners must clean up after their dog

Unfortunately off-leash play time has meant more accidents, marking on our floor and equipment, some of which may go unnoticed/undisclosed by the renters. Which meant more labour hours and money repairing, cleaning, and replacing equipment and flooring that was damaged.

Indoor Rental Cost

  • 1 hour for 1 dog– $35 plus HST

  • Each additional dog $10

  • Use of equipment including treadmill or slatmill, IGP jumps or blinds, – $10 extra (must be approved and know how to use it) if you need training you may need to book a lesson with one of our trainers.

  • Message us for available times that are available for either the inside or outside area.

Weather permitting as we are still trying to grow grass, wet season (spring and later fall) we may not permit outside rentals.

  • 1 hour for 1 dog- $15 plus HST

    • Each additional dog $10 plus HST
  • Outdoor with Agility equipment. Your dog must have trained with us or someone we know to use the equipment.

    • One dog- $30/hour plus HST
      • Each additional dog- $10/hour plus HST