Let us do all the work for You!

Are you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour and it is impacting your life? Are you overwhelmed, feeling stressed and don’t know where to start?

Does your puppy need house training? Does he walk beside you on the leash? Steal items off the counter? Bark non-stop? Reactive towards other dogs and humans? Biting? Chewing issues? Crate issues?

We help take the stress away by transforming your dogs with unmanageable behaviours into calm and well behaved trained dogs that the whole family can enjoy and handle. You will be able to take your dog in public and not be worried or embarassed about their behaviour. You will be able to take your dog places that you once avoided or were embarrassed to go to with your dog.

  • Off Leash 6 Week Program

    • Number of Overnight- 42
    • Private Training– Total 5 sessions- 1 hour before, 1 hour at pickup, 3 Follow Up (1 hour each month for 3 months)
    • Basic obedience -sit, down, stand, come, break, place.
    • Walking Manners-Loose leash walking.
    • Advanced Obedience– Stay, leave it, focus, manners, distraction training, out,
    • Off Leash- Walking, Heel, Recall, Basic Obedience
    • Other– Minor behaviour modification i.e. jumping, pulling, mouthing
    • Benefits- 1)For owner who do not have the time to do the training on their own 2)Owners that want good foundational manners outside of the home (public spaces) 3) Dogs that have minor behavioural issues
    • Equipment included- Martingale, Prong, long line, treat pouch, Mini Educator

    ** E-Collar conditioning is done with E-Collar Techonologies Mini Educator ONLY. (we do not use store brands). This is a very extensive process when done correctly (positively) and is, therefore only offered in our 4 week, 6 or 8 week packages. **

    Cost- $5600.00 plus HST

  • Access to Endeavour K9’s Client Facebook page. Lifetime phone & email support.


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