This is our special events page where we offer extra learning either from us or from other trainers we host. 

Jason Vasconi with Transform My Dog’s Life Saver Seminar. This 2-day seminar is here to teach you how to run your own large field dog socialization class. Jason has been holding large field social classes for 17 years and has taught this seminar across the U.S. and overseas in places like Ireland and Spain. This seminar is being held at Endeavour K9 in West Montrose ON.
In this 2-day, hands-on workshop, you will learn how to run a large field social class from beginning to the end. What behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors are not. How to market your class and make it grow. You will also learn how to evaluate dogs to see if they are a good candidate for large field socialization with other dogs. You will compete for a gold medal in the LIFESAVER Olympics and compete for awesome prizes in the head-to-head competition.
Offering an outside social class to your community is a great way to build clientele, keep your phone ringing, and help a lot of dogs and owners have a better life. We encourage everyone to bring a dog. Every spot is a working spot.
Large field socialization was originally started in Spain by the late David “The Dogman” Klein. The technique and idea was then picked up by the late Dick Russell out of Baton Rouge. Large field socialization helps dogs become a better communicator with other dogs. It also hones their skills at impulse control, they learn how to better control their emotions, and how to make better decisions when things get hard. It is an efficient activity to fulfill dogs and bring trust and balance to their lives.
Here’s is what they are saying:
I would describe the Lifesaver Seminar as a game changer. It was eye-opening and amazing to witness. ~ Ash Brooks
Knowing that Jason is one of the only people practicing large field socialization in the country (and arguably the best) should be reason enough to check this out if you’re into dogs. ~ Eric Torres
This was a treasure trove of information that I consider to be a MUST HAVE for anyone like myself (starting a new boarding and training business). ~ Louis H Stankevich
Jason Vasconi has been supporting himself, family, and making a living training dogs for 34 years and holding large field dog socialization for 18 years. He has been a professional member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) for 18 years and served on their board from 2016-2019.
COST- $450 plus HST
JUL 21 AT 10 AM – JUL 22 AT 5 PM Lunch Provided both Days
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