Group Training Classes

Our group dog training classes are located in West Montrose and are a fun and sociable way to learn basic obedience with other dogs and their people. Group training offers an excellent, structured situation to socialize dogs in a controlled manner. Our classes are not like most, we believe there is a difference between having an obedient dog and a well behaved dog, we teach you to have both.

The class enrolments are kept to a comfortable size so each participant receives the individual attention and assistance they need to succeed.

(we do not run classes on long weekends)

  • Pre registration per class required.

  • We offer a variety of options. Our Drop In Classes are for dogs who have already done training with us. Our freedom Unleashed requires dogs to have done our 4 lesson private package or our Foundation Obedience Class prior to registration.

    Group Class packages plus HST expire December 2023.

    • 6 Classes- $300
    • 12 Classes- $540
    • 18 Classes- $720
    • 24 Classes- $840
    • 30 Classes- $900
Book An Evaluation

An in-person evaluation determines eligibility for any of our programs. We do not accept dogs over the age of 5 months without an evaluation first. We will determine if your dog is a good candidate for one of our program and will suggest some options depending on your dog. Our sport classes may require training prior to joining these classes, this will be determined in our evaluation.

Drop In Classes after Training Has Been Complete

Group Classes

Organized Chaos- Behaviour Class

Our group class begins with us working with your dog in one of our Private, Day Training or Board & Train programs to build a basic foundation with your dog and focus on the things that you feel like you need the most help with and prepare you and your dog to be around other dogs. Most dogs can focus in environments where distractions are limited or controlled, like the house or training facility.

But you can’t control distractions in the real world. Instead, you must teach your dog to focus on you no matter where you are or what is going on around you. So how do you teach your dog to listen no matter what? It’s simple but requires some planning and management. This is the class that will help your dog understand that these commands still apply in the face of more enticing opportunities. The focus of this class is on getting dogs to obey their owners in the presence of distractions. This class is great for dogs that need help working through behavioural issues.

What to Bring

  • treat pouch
  • 6 ft leash
  • 15 ft long line
  • prong collar or martingale, halti( depending on the dog) (dog must be under control)
  • E-Collar (over 6 months) is welcome

Organized Chaos runs

Sunday mornings Starting February 5 at 10:45 am- 11:45am until December 17. 

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Group Classes

Life Skills Obedience

Our group class begins with us working with your dog in one of our Private, Day Training or Board & Train programs to build a basic foundation with your dog and focus on the things that you feel like you need the most help with. It improves your pup’s manners so they can get along with other dogs and humans in a variety of situations. Our Life Skills class is a combination of both e-collar for those who have done it as well as obedience around other dogs and a variety of distractions.

Items needed for class

  • treat pouch
  • 6 ft leash
  • 15 ft long line
  • prong collar
  • E-Collar (over 6 months) but not required

Lifeskills Obedience runs 

Monday evenings at 7:00pm & Thursday evenings  at 5:45pm

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Group Classes

Do More Urban Dog Class

We are taking your dogs to the streets.

This a fun training environment as well as a socialization class while we take your dog to a variety of different locations to work on. In this course you will be working on difficult skills in public. If you like to travel and take your dog everywhere, this is a great class for you. Classes will be held in approximate 30 minute drive of Endeavour K9 on the busy sidewalks, on out door patios of restaurants and in busy stores that allow dogs.

Your dog will be required to 

  1. Automatic sit at corners when you stop
  2. Wait for your command before crossing the road on a leash
  3. To walk calmly through congested areas without pulling or jumping
  4. Hold the sit and down command for longer periods of time with more distractions
  5. To stay for longer periods of time with more distractions
  6. To Heel and pay attention to you while walking.  This enables you to maneuver easily through crowds and traffic.

Requirements for class

  1. Do More with your dog class is a course in which requires a good amount of walking so owners and dogs should be able to move, climb stairs and more.
  2. Class will last for generally and hour and will end back at the parking lot.
  3. Your dogs will be in close contact with other dogs/ people in congested areas. All dogs who attend must be good with people or be on a muzzle.
  4. All dogs should have to have done previous training with us.
  5. Dogs must be under control at all times.
  6. Class times/date can be changed if weather does not permit class on the scheduled date/time. In most cases class will be postponed to the following week at the same day and time.
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Group Classes

Group Classes

Freedom Unleashed E-collar class

Who doesn’t want a dog that’s reliable off leash? From hiking in the woods to running in a park to simply hanging around the house, it would be hard to find someone who isn’t interested in having a dog who listens to them no matter what the circumstances.

This course is designed to take your basic obedience trained dog to the next level.  We will over 6 group sessions help you condition your dog to the ecollar (remote training collar) and will teach you how to overlay it to known commands that your dog has already learned in previously training with us.

Your dog can also be off-leash with 100% trust has so many benefits. It helps ten-fold with exercise because they are not confined to a leash, you gain plenty of trust with your dog, socializing is made much easier, and it’s obviously a safety issue! So what is an e-collar used for, exactly? We call it an “invisible leash”. We teach the dog that the e-collar and the leash mean the same thing. The collar is controlled by a remote that the handler holds. The remote allows you to maintain full control of your dog for up to 400 yards! Therefore, it gives your dog a lot of freedom and it saves you from worrying about your dog running off!

What you will learn

  • Pressure & Release
  • How to use the leash for communication
  • Basic commands with the e-collar for sit, down, stay, place, basic leash walking and come when called.
  • Building upon your dog’s comprehension of basic obedience commands, we will show you how to increase your dog’s attentiveness in the face of everyday distractions.
  • How to size a remote collar
  • Components of a Remote collar
  • Stimulation levels and finding the right one
  • Difference between Continuous and Stim
  • Reinforce already known behaviours ( such as commands)
  • Remove unwanted behavious (digging, barking, counter surfing)

This includes

  • 6 classes
  • 1st class is with no dogs.

Dogs will need for this class

  • Prong or martingale
  • E-collar Technologies Mini Educator ($299.99 plus HST)
  • 15 ft long line
  • Treat Pouch
  • Dogs Food
  • Higher Value treats.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy Socials are 30 minutes.
Adult Socials are 45 minutes.
Organized Chaos and Lifeskills Obedience are 60 minutes.
This depends on the weather. Inside we will have approx 10 dogs. In nicer weather we will be outside and there is no limit
We allow children in class, however we prefer them to be no younger than 10 years old. As this is a dog training class we do not have things to keep kids attention and find that most don’t want to sit still during sessions.
Currently do to COVID we allow 2 people per dog.

If you are currently training with us and have completed your Private, Day Training or Board & Train package and are ok’d to attend classes/socials, NO you don’t have to pay for them as long as you are within the 4-6 months of your package.

If you have already attended training before and just purchased the group class package as a refresher, the social class is included.

If you have not purchased our group class package and are approved to attend by being either a previous training client or in our small dog or puppy social,  YES you will have to pay $15/ class plus HST.

If at any time you feel you or your dog could benefit from “brushing up” on a skill or lesson from any previous training with us, you are welcome to purchase classes again. Our 2023 classes will be different than we have offered before.

Regardless of prior knowledge or previous training, we start all dogs in one of our training programs. Either Private training, Day Training or Board & Train. Once your dog has completed their program they will be invited to attend our classes.

We recommend people being
  • 6 ft leash
  • lots of food
  • treat pouch
  • 15 ft long line
  • Herm Sprenger prong collar
  • For younger dogs we recommend a martingale collar
  • Adult dog programs will be e-collar trained.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these, we have a retail store with all the recommended brands that you can purchase here. Our Private packages usually include the equipment you will require.

Our adult programs include e-collar training. Once the dog has completed training and attends classes we will be using them in class.


We are currently doing private lessons here and can’t say enough great things! Our puppy Roxy can be a handful but the training techniques keep her focused and are making a huge impact on her.

Shanna has been such a pleasure to work with – never once have we felt rushed out after our scheduled time with her – she answers all the questions I have with such a great attitude. You can tell she truly cares about the people and dog client.

The pricing for the private lessons are very reasonable for the 1:1 attention we get with Shanna.

Thank you again and I look forward to a long working relationship with you and our dog.


Shanna did an excellent job with my girl Pepper!! Very professional and up to date training methods!! I would highly recommend this excellent training program!!!


Shanna’s training goes back to the basics with engagement. With our challenging pup that is exactly what we needed.


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