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We are a new small CKC Registered Kennel focused on the working Belgian Malinois. Our goal is to maintain the true working ability of this breed through proper selection of sire/dam, structure and working achievements. Health is also a big priority of the dogs we breed.

We stand behind every puppy we produce and have tested more than most other breeders. It is our requirement that all puppy buyers get their OFA CHIC # which requires hips, elbows & eyes and further requirements of OFA advanced Cardiac Certified at 2 years of age. This information can be used to make breeding decisions for the next litter. Our breeding decisions are not only based on the health of the parents but also their siblings, aunts, uncles, and any past offspring they have produced and previous generations. Health checks are done on all our dogs have helped shaped our program and the decisions that we make to produce the pups of the present and future.

We owned and competed with Malinois for just under 10 years in various sports before venturing into breeding. But our passion has been protection sports.

Please understand that a Belgian Malinois is not suited for every home and lifestyle. Not only are we very selective with the dogs we breed too, but also the homes they go to. Our priority is in working or sport homes. Through this questionnaire we will determine if one of our puppies will be a good addition to your home.

We love this breed of dog, and what our goal to produce will likely make it a poor fit for many homes. Despite all of the wonderful things Malinois are, they can also be neurotic, aggressive to people and animals, territorial, possessive, destructive, non-stop, and extremely challenging and sometimes it takes one bad experience for things to go wrong.

Malinois are never ending work and the parents of our upcoming litter Triumphant Von SchutzArt (aka Neila) and Paxx from Marrax Place can easily be trained 3 times a day! Neila will be bred after she receives her IGP1, as we are not in a hurry as our goal for our litters is for our next dog, we are looking at Spring 2024. Paxx is the 2020 IGP Belgian Champion, has 4 1st place finishes in Regionals as well as Nationals and unfortunately due to COVID he was unable to attend worlds in 2020 but placed 50 at FCI worlds in September 2022.

Many of the videos of the Belgian Malinois are awe inspiring, but what you don’t see behind those videos are the hundreds, if not, thousands of hours of training that goes on behind the scenes. Failure to properly train, socialize, physically and mentally stimulate your puppy/dog can be a recipe for disaster. We want to ensure all our puppies are properly placed and will enjoy long, healthy, and productive lives.

That being said the above is why we will not sell or place a puppy in certain homes.

Our ideal home for our puppies will be one where they will train and/or compete in various venues, including: IGP and other Protection Sports, Search & Rescue, Agility, Detection work and various CKC Obedience performance events. If you are applying for one of our future puppies, you need to currently have a working dog such as SAR, detection, have titled a previous dog or are currently training your dog in a sport such as IGP, French Ring, Mondioring or competitive CKC Obedience/Tracking/Agility and provide us with reference contacts of at least two actively competing members of your training group/club.

Our dogs will not sold as a pet/family, active companion, personal protection, service or therapy dogs or simply to be sold as breeding dogs. Our preference is someone who already actively trains, competes or has previous experience with Working Belgian Malinois and has titled their current or previous dog.

We will fully support our puppies for their life and we will work toward ensuring our puppies remain placed in their original home and not end up in shelters or rescues or worse. If your situation changes, we will be there to support you and your puppy/dog and will take them back if needed.

This questionnaire does not guarantee your approval to purchase a puppy from Endeavour K9. Endeavour K9 will approve or deny your application at our own discretion. Our priority is to find working or sport placements first.

We appreciate your interest in Endeavour K9’s dogs and thank you for completing the questionnaire, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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    Thank you for your time in answering our questions candidly. Your answers won’t be the only factor in determining whether any of our puppies should go home with you. We’ll reach out to you about how we’ll move on with the process of your search for a dog as an addition to your family.

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