What You Need To Know About Our Puppy Purchase Process

We get many questions on how the puppy purchase process works. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Please read our breeding page.

  • Scroll down and check out our breeding announcement

  • Read our Purchase Contract & Health Warranty (coming soon)

  • Fill out our Puppy Inquiry 


Read our Breeding page

Start by reading our breeding page over thoroughly. Here you’ll find detailed info on how the puppies are raised and also specifics about each of our famales as well as profiles of our accomplished offspring. Puppy prices(TBD), frequently asked questions, and more. There is a LOT of information on our website and most preliminary questions are answered there.

Planned Litter

Check our Litter Plans at the bottom of our malinois page to see if the posted litter pique your interest. We only breed every few years. Its about quality not quantity.

Please note that we aim for consistency in our litters, and only breed the type of dog that we would want to live, train and compete with ourselves.

ALL of our puppies are “work” bred, athletic, energetic, high drive dogs. If you are looking for a mellow, low energy, pet and/or show type Malinois, none of our litters will be a good fit for you. (Prices for each litter is TBD)

Our Requirements

  • We do not sell puppies to Puppy Mills, Brokers, or Pet Stores.
  • We do not sell puppies as breeding stock for mixed breed.
  • We do not sell puppies to anyone who is not actively training their dogs. References are required.
  • We do not sell puppies to those planning to train and resell the dog.
  • We are looking for forever homes that are the best possible match for each puppy and this is in the best interest of the puppies, the new owners, and our breeding program.
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason and may cancel a reservation at any time. We reserve the right to keep any puppy from one of our litters and to hold back any puppy for an extended care period if required before releasing to it’s new home.

Keeping Puppies Longer

  • We require puppies to stay with us until they are 10-12 weeks. Although we would prefer them to stay longer due to their fear period at this time it’s not possible.
  • Some airlines won’t allow puppies to fly before 12 weeks of age
  • You can only start to see the temperament and personality better
  • To ensure that they have had their first shot and have had no reaction
  • The pups are separated from their mother in an appropriate and gradual way.
  • The pups are exposed to several environments during their first fear phase with both puppy pack support and support/encouragement from myself and Endeavour K9’s staff to ensure that they leave with confidence and a solid foundation for their future life.
  • Puppies will be fully crate trained and mostly potty trained once they leave

Keeping our puppies for longer requires a lot of extra work from all of us here at Endeavour K9. However it is most certainly the right thing to do for the well-being of our puppies and the success clients experience with the puppies they receive from us. I have a responsibility to these pups to give them the best start possible, as well as to their new families.

There will have warranties on hips and elbows  and congenital health. Health guarantee will be based on having your puppies CHIC certified with OFA at 2 years of age.

Fill out our Puppy Inquiry

Fill out our Puppy Inquiry Form (this is mandatory, all sections must be filled out). This form is how we standardize our puppy reservation inquiries and allows us to have your contact information, puppy ‘wishlist’ and info all in one place.  If you have additional questions, you’ll be able to ask them there.

Review your Questionairre

After reviewing your inquiry, we may ask some additional questions, and may request references. We will also be able to provide references for you and if you are not local.

Right Fit

After ensuring that one of our puppies will be a good fit for what you are seeking, and that there is a likelihood of a good match being available from our upcoming litter, you will be invited to our Owner Facebook page. Once the litter has been confirmed we will require a $500 non refundable deposit to secure a puppy reservation.


The female of the litter will go for an ultrasound at around day 35 of her pregnancy to confirm that she is pregnant and to ensure the puppies are developing normally.

Puppies Are Born

When the puppies are born, you will receive a birth announcement in our Facebook Group.  If you don’t have Facebook you will receive notification via email.

Puppy Socialization

Our puppy socialization process is intense and unique, and is detailed here.  We provide many photos and videos of the puppies on our Facebook page. and in our Puppy Owner Facebook Group.

The next  milestone occurs at 8 weeks when our puppies are examined by our vet and receive their first shots. At 8 week of age, they are evaluated structurally and puppies are matched to their new families soon after that and you will receive information on which puppy has been chosen for you.  


Puppies are made available for pickup at 10-12 weeks old. We do NOT release puppies any sooner than 10 weeks. Puppies need to be picked up by 12 weeks of age unless prior arrangements are made (boarding fees apply starting after agreed upon pickup date).  On puppy pickup day, you will provide the balance of the funds owing for the puppy, and sign our purchase contract.

We do not ship or deliver puppies.

Keep In Contact

We want to stay in contact with you for the life of your puppy! Please keep us updated or ask questions with any progress or challenges you experience. Photos and videos are greatly appreciated and we will invite you to join our exclusive Facebook Group  for puppy owners to ease staying in touch. We also LOVE to get visits from our puppy owners so plan to stop in if you are ever in the area.

Puppy Matching

  1. When the puppies are first born, we generally are able to narrow down which group of puppies you might be matched with, based on your sex preferences and coat type.  (We do our best not to bred long hair or blue. We take colour preference into consideration but will not pick a puppy based on colour.)
  2. We breed for ourselves so we get first pick of the litter, we will keep 1 puppy (maybe 2) for our program.  Even if you are next in line and there is a small litter each puppy born, we still need to evaluate his or her personality and structural traits to ensure the puppy is a match!
  3. From birth to 8 weeks old, each puppy is exposed to a variety of new things either as a group or individually. We observe and record any significant behaviour patterns. At 8 weeks, puppies visit our vet for a checkup, vaccinations and to be microchipped (this is important because we wouldn’t want to match a puppy to a family until our vet could confirm everyone is healthy).  By now, we are starting to get a very good idea of their temperament – which puppy is the bravest, who is laid back, which one is most crazy for biting, etc.
  4. At 8 weeks, the puppies are evaluated structurally based on Helen King’s philosophies. And with help of another breeder
  5. By combining the temperament and structural evaluations, we are able to determine what puppies are best suited for a performance home, which ones will make great protection dogs, and which puppies will be more suitable for SAR or Detection.
  6. Most of our puppies are suitable for several purposes but usually there is one puppy that is best suited for each family. By comparing each puppy’s evaluation to our reservation list, we can determine which puppy is your perfect match.
  7. Puppy matches are final. No swapping/bumping/trading puppy matches. We take this process seriously, and if you aren’t happy with the puppy we match you with, we will refund your deposit.
  8. Although we breed dogs for specific purposes and do our best to find the best dog for each task.  We cannot guarantee that any specific puppy will be suitable for any specific purpose – training plays a HUGE role and all we can do is provide you with a puppy predicted to be successful – the rest is up to you! Please watch Micheal Ellis on Puppy Tests

Purchasing a Puppy

Puppies cost $ .  Price does not vary based on color or sex – all puppies in a litter are priced the same as they take the same amount of time, resources, and skill to raise! Your deposit applies towards the total cost and the balance of the purchase price plus tax  is due at the time of puppy  pickup.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not ship puppies as unaccompanied cargo. Plan to pick up your puppy at Endeavour K9.

What is included in  the price:

  • Canadian Kennel Club Non Breeding Registration
  • Parent’s Pedigree and Health Documentation
  • Purchase Contract & Health Warranty
  • Trial Health Insurance Policy with Trupanion
  • Puppy’s Individual Health records from the vet & Pedigree
  • Approximately 3 days worth of food to get you started
  • Permanent Identification (microchip)
  • Something that smells like momma dog – blanket or toy
  • Vet Checkup,  First Vaccinations & Deworming up to date

What is Not Included:

  • Taxes (13% HST)
  • Travel carrier, if requested 
  •  Additional health certifications required for travel
  •  Care or training beyond agreed upon pickup date

Within 6 months of purchase, your puppy’s CKC registration papers will be forwarded to you (excluding delays in issuing paperwork caused by the CKC themselves).  And as always, we are available any time to answer any questions you may have. We provide breeder support  for life!

We also have a lifetime return policy – if you cannot keep your Endeavour dog, he or she is always welcome here.  We are committed to the well being of each puppy produced, for it’s entire life. In fact, returning your puppy to us if you can not keep it at any time during it’s life is a REQUIREMENT of our purchase contract.