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Pack Walks
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Walks are typically an hour long or longer and the locations will not always be the same.
All dogs welcome, those with lunging or reactive issues please bring a muzzle.
We have a few guidelines:
1.All dogs must be on either a prong collar, a martingale collar, a slip lead or Head Harness (Halti or Gentle Leader). (If you use a harness, you may attend, but we will provide you with a slip lead in order to teach you some new dog handling skills.)
2. Leashes may not be long longer than 6 feet. Flexi-leads will not be permitted.
3. We request that dogs be walked at a heel. If you struggle with proper walking, we will be there to help you accomplish this goal.
4.We also request that when out walking in the pack, you keep to the right of the sidewalk. We try to provide ample room for other pedestrians to pass by.
5.You are responsible for your dog and your dogs actions.
This walk will be instructional for those needing some guidance in honing their leadership skills. If you are really struggling, please let us know that you will need a little extra attention.
Contact Us

Walks are canceled due to severe weather, so make sure to check before you head out. All events will be posted on our Facebook page so make sure to like us to be able to attend.