Training FAQ

What tools do you allow in class?

When it comes to tools there is no tool we won’t use when they are the best choice for the dog and the owner, we will teach you how to use use food, slip leads, prongs, ecollars, martingales and halti’s. We won’t use flat collars but will use harnesses for recall training but the harness [...]

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Do you require proof of vaccination?

We believe in a natural approach to raising our dogs by naturally feeding a fresh, whole diet including lots of meat and bones. We avoid over vaccination but instead we titer test, only use drugs if absolutely necessary, using natural worm medications and topical flea and tick products, it is up to you the owner [...]

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Do you offer guarantees?

I guarantee that I will give you the knowledge and skills you need to have a well behaved dog. It is the commitment and cooperation of the owner, household, environment and the health of the dog that I have no control over and therefore cannot ethically give a guarantee.

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Do you offer Private Sessions?

Yes! Private training sessions are designed for those who require additional assistance and still want to be involved in all of the training. We will meet you once per week for an hour to assist you with problem behaviors and teach you how to train your canine to act appropriately. We leave you with a set of [...]

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What is Levels Training?

Levels Training is a member’s only training program. Families and their dogs can join one of four types of level’s memberships: Bronze (2-months), Silver (4-months) or Gold (6-months), Platinum (12-months). During your period of enrollment, you can attend as much or as little training as you like. The levels program consists of five (including puppy) [...]

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