Training FAQ

Will my puppy get to play with others?

No! We teach your puppy to ignore other dogs and distractions and focus on you. We practice proper socialization which means that your puppy will be exposed to many other dogs and people without anything bad happening to them.  Many adults dogs have behavioural issues because as puppies they were in groups with no proper guidance.  In actuality, puppies [...]

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What kind of behaviours do you work with?

Through both our one-on-one dog training sessions, and our Day Training services and group classes, we tackle many different dog behavioural issues. The following are among the most common behaviors we address, but do not represent the full scope of training we provide: Puppy Behaviours Leash Reactivity Pulling on Leash Separation Anxiety Dog Aggression* Human [...]

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Do you offer refunds?

If you’re already thinking about refunds, then we might not be the best match for each other. It’s super important to us at Pawsitive Canine Connection that you feel we are the right fit before working with us which is why we offer Free Evaluations before committing to training. Day Training deposits are non-refundable, they provide a [...]

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Do you use prong collars?

Yes. All collars are about “volume.” Choosing the right tool for each dog means effectively speaking at a volume your dog can hear, through the varying degrees of distractions your dog experiences every day. A prong collar allows a handler to offer directional pressure (go this way, move like this…), feedback (don’t do that), and [...]

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Where are you located?

Our training takes place at 6444 Line 86 RR#2 West Montrose. We are located close to the West Montrose Covered Bridge.  

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