Dr. Karen Becker on hyperthyroidism and the possible connection between eating neck meats which may contain traces of raw thyroids.
Big Country Raw uses many parts of the animal for the production of our raw meals, but very limited use of the neck bones. We do offer these softer neck bones as part of our Raw Meaty Bone menu.We recently introduced a raw meaty bone – Beef Gullets to our menu and we do provide a disclaimer on the label recommending that this not be offered as a meal choice to dogs with thyroid disease. We also DO NOT use gullet meat in the production of our raw beef meals. Beef gullets contain sinews and cartilage and are a very popular chewy treat for dogs!Dr. Karen does suggest that ALL neck bones including Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Lamb, Beef, Elk Neck bones be excluded from your dogs diet if your dog suffers from hyperthyroidism.What is important to remember is that this is ONLY recommended for dogs with a a diagnosed condition. Neck Bones are generally meaty softer raw bones which fed in rotation with other meals make an excellent meal for your raw fed dog.