Yes. All collars are about “volume.” Choosing the right tool for each dog means effectively speaking at a volume your dog can hear, through the varying degrees of distractions your dog experiences every day. A prong collar allows a handler to offer directional pressure (go this way, move like this…), feedback (don’t do that), and general information to their dog (positive also!) with more gentle pressure, and most importantly the handler can release that pressure quickly unlike with harnesses or flat collars when a dog is straining. We used just about every tool in the dog training market and have found prong collars to be one of the most humane training tools out there.

But wait – I know, it looks like a medieval torture device. A prong collar is designed to distribute pressure evenly around the dog’s neck, there is not one constant pressure point to harm your dog’s windpipe or dig into the skin. With a prong collar we can also effectively eliminate tension and regain a dog’s focus much more easily and clearly when a dog is in a heightened state.