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Our 11 year history of dog training and behavioural background has driving us to build a facility unlike many out there. Endeavour K9 is an exclusive Dog Boarding and Dog Training Facility. We also breed CKC Registered Working Line Belgian Malinois.

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Shanna Hoffer
More about Shanna and education


Founder / Trainer

My name is Shanna I am the owner and Head Trainer of Endeavour K9

I have always dreamed of running a dog boarding facility before I started dog training. It took 10 years for that dream to become a reality. With a big dream it turned out to be a huge Endeavour… hence the name, but it also means more.

“Trying Hard To Achieve” Not only opening up this beautiful facility am I achieving my dream. But helping you with your dogs either with training, taking care of them when you go away, we are proud to help you to achieve your goals as well.

Endeavour K9 Kennel Staff



Kennel Attendant

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Kennel Attendant

Although my journey with dogs began as a phobia, my parents bringing home an 8 week old puppy when I was 12 was the best thing that could have happened to me.

From then on, my love for dogs grew and my passion for learning about dog behaviour and training was sparked. Eventually, our pack grew from one dog to three dogs and I started introducing myself to the world of dog sports. Together, my two dogs and I have been training, trialling and aiming for titles in rally obedience, agility, tricks, sprinter and more!

I mainly grew up around horses, riding, competing and teaching all things horseback. That was my step into the animal industry. My first job in the dog industry however, was as a dog daycare attendant. I loved getting to know and work with all types of dogs while learning how to maintain a structured and healthy environment. My dog education journey then took me out to British Columbia where I completed a professional dog training program under an agility, IPO, obedience and behaviour modification trainer. 

This leads me to where I am now as a kennel attendant at Endeavour K9! I look forward to working, growing, and learning as a dog handler and caregiver. 



Kennel Attendant

Hi, my name is Natasha.

I have had a love and passion for animals ever since I can remember. Growing up and all through my elementary and highschool education, I was sure I wanted to be a Veterinarian Technician. A semester into the program and I quickly realized that wasn’t how I wanted to work with animals.

A local dog walking and training company quickly sparked an interest. Throughout the past 6 years, I had been individual walking, pack walking and grew a passion for training into my full time job.  I hope to expand my training knowledge working here at Endeavour K9.

My two dogs Maverick (Bordercollie) and Oakley (BlacklabXGolden) have both taught me so much. In the past year, both my dogs have taken a liking to dog sports. Agility is currently our main focus and hope to be trailing by next year! On my off time, you can usually find me out with my dogs on the trail.

I am looking forward to working here at Endeavor K9 as a Kennel Attendant! I can’t wait to meet you and your dogs.



Kennel Attendant

“ Hi my name is Aimée,

I grew up in Northern Ontario working first hand with dogs, livestock, show horses and committing 5+ years volunteering at local dog & cat rescues. My love for working with dogs peaked as a result of spending time in a management position primarily doing doggy daycare, training & walking. My animal involvement is not only work related, I’ve spent most of my life riding quarter horses & am no stranger to showing & rodeo. When I’m not at work you can typically find me training, trail walking & hanging out with my two dogs Paisley & Lennox“


Kennel Attendant

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