Day school assists clients who are trying to balance demanding schedules and family commitments with achieving their goal of having a well-mannered family companion. The curriculum is designed to teach students a basic vocabulary of cues, practical life skills and good manners.


Each day the student will learn new skills or expand on previously learned behaviours. We limit the number of dogs each day to 10. PLUS, your dog is trained by a trainer while he or she is in our care. That’s the difference between dog daycare and day school!

However, what’s different from many programs is that in addition to basic obedience cues, we recognize that dogs need to learn frustration tolerance and impulse control. We address this through the daily schedule of training, playing, resting, tethering during downtime, purposeful handling, and teaching all dogs to give eye contact and wait at thresholds before proceeding. In addition, each dog is taught to walk polity on leash, settle quietly on a tether during rest periods, and eliminate outdoors. The entire culture of the school is designed around creating a habit of well-behaved dogs who demonstrate manners.

Our Day School program starts out with you dropping your dog off at our facility for two days in a row (Monday – Tuesday), so your dog can receive private sessions with our professional staff. Then, you as the dog owner, participate in an evening lesson to learn how to maintain and expand on the skills your dog is acquiring. Your job will then be to practice the new skills for a few days. Next a professional trainer will meet with you for a Private Lesson at a mutually agreed upon location (your home, park, pet store..) to make sure your dog is learning to generalize the behaviors.
The following week your dog returns for two more days of day training (Wed – Thurs) provided by our professional staff, followed by another lesson to keep you up to speed.

Day School Training Program – $1150.00 + HST

The day school dog training program teaches your dog; how to  walk nicely on a loose leash,  how to Sit and lie Down and stay, to Come when called as well as remain on a Place when told. Plus to wait at doors, drop items from the mouth if needed, no nuisance jumping, barking or play biting. Your dog is taken on “field trip” outings in addition to practicing at our facility. This helps to better generalize the behaviors. This program teaches you and your dog the skills needed to be off leash reliable even around high levels of distraction.

  • Your dog receives 4 full days of training with our Professional Trainers.

  • You receive 3 One on One lessons to learn how to work with your dog and incorporate the new skills into your routine. Lessons last 1 – 2 hours each. (2 lessons are at our facility, 1 private lesson at location of your choice)

  • Remote training collar appropriate for your dog’s sensitivity and temperament.

  • You than qualify for our Alumni Academy.

Pawsitive Canine Connection was a lifesaver for me – 4th dog trainer that I went to. I adopted a 2yr old, 100lb mutt from the Humane Society that was super reactive. Not anymore. Now I can enjoy off leash freedom with the e-collar and we regularly go on pack walks!!! Highly recommend.

Wonderful service and such helpful advice when I decided to make the switch from kibble to raw. Thanks again Shanna!


Shanna did an excellent job with my girl Pepper!! Very professional and up to date training methods!! I would highly recommend this excellent training program!!!