Kennel Attendant

Applicants must have a minimum of 1 year professional related experience working with animals, and be available to work all shifts (including weekends and holidays) between 7am and 10pm.

  • Wage starting at $16.50, after 3 months it increases to $17.00.
  • Rotating one week days and one week afternoons,

Permanent Part-time employee’s must be 18+ years old. 

Our seasonal summer help as they will be accompanied with a permanent employee can be under 18. 

Duties include but are not limited to;

  • Handling and supervising dogs
  • Feeding and conducting basic grooming
  • Customer service (in person, phone, email)
  • Lots of cleaning.
  • Maintain a clean and safe kennel environment
  • Walk and socialize dogs while adhering to basic obedience guidelines
  • Examine dogs regularly to ensure good health
  • Maintain health and behaviour records as directed
  • Monitor and communicate behaviours of dogs in the kennel and training environment
  • Provide basic medical care to dogs & give medications as prescribed
  • Assist training staff as needed
  • Inventory and restocking of kennel supplies, and store
  • Follow all health and safety guidelines
  • Help assist in classes
  • Supports the training of dogs in training
  • Supervises play groups

Physical Requirements:

  • Position requires person to be both indoors and outdoors.
  • Majority of day is spent standing, walking and bending.
  • Lift 50+ pounds, bend over for cleaning, kneel on the floor and get back up to standing.
  • Be physically active your whole shift.


  • Your own transportation
  • Able to work all shifts (weekends, holidays, evenings)Weekends and holiday’s are our busy time.
  • Work with small and large dogs.
  • Work around pet hair and dander.
  • Dependable. Working with live animals you must show up for your expected shifts and show up ready to work.
  • Experienced- 1 -2 years previous experience. Animal care and handling is very important, prior knowledge is ideal. The experience required is specific and beyond taking care of ones own pets or pet sitting for friends and family, we require professional experience.
  • Patient, some dogs are noisy, some stubborn, some haven’t been taught certain things. You must be level headed and keep a calm atmosphere.
  • Quick learning. Knowing dogs names, behaviors and owners is very beneficial for you and others working with you.
  • Strong work ethic. You must take pride in your work, with cleaning standards set in place we must have people who are willing to work hard and well.
  • Must be willing to use a variety of training tools (slip leash, food, prong, martingale, long line, halti and e-collar)

Apply for Kennel Attendant


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