We provide dog training & behavioural

training, obedience on and off leash,  and nutrition for all ages.

You love your dog, but are currently at wits end because your dog does things that are

embarrassing, frustrating or even dangerous. They freak out on leash, pull you down the road, jump on guests, destroys things in your home or they don’t come when you call them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog was so well behaved that they were the envy of your friends and family? A dog that is polite and walks beside you calmly and quietly on and off leash? A dog that is comfortable in its crate when you leave?  And wouldn’t it be nice to have a healthy, happy dog?

All of these things are possible and that is exactly what you will can get while working with Pawsitive Canine Connection

Many of our clients have attended other dog training classes yet are not happy with the results. We completely understand “as we were there one time too.” Not all dog training is the same!

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