Shanna Hoffer


Thanks for visiting our website! I am the founder, head trainer of Endeavour K9.

I have always had a passion for animals and have had everything from fish, birds, mice, cats, a horse and my first dog at 14.

My journey didn’t start until 2006 with my first personal dog Ajha.  Ajha was a fantastic dog, but spending majority of her time at her parents’ gravel pit off leash chasing geese, groundhogs etc. I took Ajha to obedience school at a local dog trainer where she did obedience, agility and even was part of their show team. Unfortunately, with Ajha’s prey drive they were not able to help me with Ajha’s issues.

We went through a few trainers and methods, but nothing really fit for me or my dogs. Not until I had a friend come to present a seminar. It was eye opening.

I have continued to update my education as a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. The more I learn will serve you better too.

A year after Ajha passed away I fostered a Malinois puppy as a Green Raise Detection Dog. After a few months I know that this pup was a good fit for our family and Traya ended up staying.

I became a puppy raiser for 2 years, where I whelped & raised Malinois and Australian Shepherd puppies anything from SAR, protection sport dogs, detection dogs, police dogs, agility and pet. As much as I enjoyed working with these little puppies and giving them the best start possible. I knew that I couldn’t give my 100% to everything I wanted too and decided to give the puppy raiser job up.

In 2015 I was introduced to IPO now IGP and really enjoyed it. I trained both Sakada and Traya at the same time and passed their BH. I love this sport and have learned a lot. This has changed the way I am teaching my dogs but even more so any dogs I work with.

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about those European Malinois that I like so much. I waited 2 years for Neila and got her in 2019 from Norway, and in 2021 added another female Kinna from the Czech Republic. They will be my next dog to compete with and my goal is Nationals with them. I am also hoping Neila is the foundation of my breeding program pending health tests and titles. I plan to breed for my next dog, most of the males I am looking at are also in Europe and their selections are carefully thought out.

I have so many plans for this business over time. I can’t wait to share my dream with everyone. We are only just starting.

Shanna Hoffer

Education & Certification

  • Certified at  Hustle Up School of Dog Training (2010)
  • Wonderdog Canine Education- Prevention & Canine First Aid (2013 & 2016)
  • Monika Stuehler- Creating Calm &  Dealing with Difficult Dogs (2014)
  • Nelson Hodges-Canine Behaviour, Language and Rehabilitation  (2014, 2015, 2016),
  • Nelson Hodges- Canine/Human Relationship Institute (C/HRI) 9 Day Trainer Instruction Course (2017),
  • Nelson Hodges & Dr Christine Koehler- 4 days of Human and Canine Psychology(2018)
  • Karen Laws- Freedom for you and your dog- Understanding Canine Communication Basics with a remote training collar (2014),
  • Karen Laws- Take the Lead to E-Freedom. E-Collar Education & Training School- 5 Day Certification (2016)
  • Duke Ferguson-Unleashed Potential 3 Day Workshop (2015)
  • Chad Mackin-Dogmanship Workshop & 5 Day Shadow (2015), Dogmanship & Advanced Socialization Workshop (2016
  • Monks of New Skete- Art of Living with your Dog (2015)
  • Ted Efthymiadis- Aggressive Dog Handling And Training Techniques (2015)
  • Gary Wilkes- 3 Days Clicker Workshop (2015)
  • Jeff Gellman- Hands-on Dog Training, on and Off Leash (2015)
  • Heather Beck, George Cockrell and Scottie MacConachie- TrainSmart WorkSmart Workshop (2015)
  • Heather Beck- 3D Workshop- Dealing with Difficult Daycares (2016)
  • Tyler Muto- 2 day Dogmanship & Problem Solving Seminar (2016)
  • Nino Drowaert-Puppy University & E-Collar University (2017)
  • Jay Jack- Play as the way (2017)
  • Mark McCabe- Resolving Conflict in Human/Canine Relationships (2017)
  • Linda Kaim- Puppy Primer (2017)
  • Sarah Dixon- Chaotic Canine- Advanced Behaviour Solutions (2018)
  • Jason Vasconi- Large Field Socialization Lifesaver Seminar (2018)
  • Bart Bellon- NePoPo Silver School Graduate (2019)
  • Jason Vasconi- Large Field Socialization Lifesaver Seminar (2023) Hosting at our facility.
  • Michael Ellis- The Electric Collar Part 1 & 2(2015),
  • Michael Ellis- The Power of Playing Tug (2015),
  • Michael Ellis- Principles of Dog Training 1 & 2 Interactive (2016),
  • Michael Ellis- Raising a Puppy (2017)
  • Michael Ellis- Puppy Development Workshop (2020)
  • Michael Ellis- Bahaviour Modification Interactive  (2020)
  • Ed Frawley- Remote Collar Training for Pet Owners (2015)
  • Koehler Method of Dog Training 10 week course. (2015)
  • Duke Ferguson- Dog Training Genesis Online Program (2015)
  • Ivan Balabanov- Possession Games (2016),
  • Ivan Balabanov- Obedience without Conflict DVD 1,2,3,4 (2016),
  • Ivan Balabanov- Competition Heeling Part 1 (2018)
  • Ivan Balabanov- Make Your Dog Be Somebody (2023) in progress
  • Ivan Balabanov- Circle Tracking (2023)
  • Mark Keating- Relationship Games (2016), Teach the Touch Pads (2016)
  • Robin McFarland- Just Right- A Step by Step Guide to Remote Collar Dog Training (2016)
  • Forrest Micke- Teaching Engagement Skills (2016),
  • Forrest Micke- The Heeler’s Toolbox-Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced (2016),
  • Tyler Muto- Leash Reactivity: A Comprehensive Approach (2016)
  • Ted Efthymiadis- He’s Not Friendly- (2016)
  • Ian Dunbar- Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs (2017)
  • The Collared Scholar-  numerous courses
  • Brenda Aloff- The Engaged Dog (2017)
  • Fenzi Dog Sports- Management for Reactive Dogs (2017)
  • Mike Ritland- Team Dog 12 month course. (2017)
  • Nick White- Off leash K9 Training- 3 Month training (2017)
  • AbsoluteDogs- Pro Dog Trainer Program, Loose Leash Games, Naughty But Nice, Naughty But Nice Live, Boundary Games (2017)
  • Dave Kroyer- membership (2018)
  • Consider The Dog (2019- present)
  • AviDog Platinum Breeder College
  • Cameo- All courses
  • STSK9- Masterview Program (2023) in progress
  • Operant Canine (Pat Stuart)- Push and Pull of Motivation Bootcamp- (2023)
  • NOS K9-Focused Heeling Mastery (2024)
  • Viktoriia Bezus- (2024)
  • Hustle Up Conference- 2011( Safety, SAR, Media 101)
  • Hustle Up Conference-2012( perimeter training, hiking/climbing with your dog)
  • International Association of Canine Professionals- 2015
  • Beginner Scent Detection- Nathan Clarkson
  • Advance Your Skills in K9 Scent Detection- Sherri Hall
  • Advanced Scent Detection- Nathan Clarkson
  • Studying with Nathan Clarkson to offer classes.
  • Accredited Training Facility Through the Canadian Sport Scent Detection Federation
  • Paul Orcutt-Green Raising Seminar( explosives detection)
  • Linda Barton- Jump Clinic
  • Linda Barton- Jump Stars Clinic
  • Jess Martin- Handling Seminar
  • Training IGP under Joanne Fleming 2017-present
  • Marko Koskensalo numerous clinics.
  • Canemo Dog- Numerous online courses.
  • Knut Fuch- Seminar (2023)
  • Dick Staal Online- Tracking Course, Directional Training Course, Indication Behaviour (2023)
  • Pat Nolan Online- Push Pull Training (2023)
  • Dominic Scarberry- Protection Seminar (2023, 2024)
  • Laszlo Nemeth- Protection & Obedience (2023)
  • Bence Somoskovy- Protection & Obedience (2023)
  • Raw Roundup by Dog Naturally Magazine- webinar- (2014)
  • Natural Canine Health Symposium 2014- webinar- Dog Naturally Magazine ( 2014)
  • Raw Roundup- Dog Naturally Magazine ( 2015)
  • Big Country Raw- Raw Expert Training Program (2015)
  • Raw & Allergy Seminar- Matt Bonanno (owner of Iron Will Raw) & RVT Amanda Adamiak (2016)
  • Founding member of the Woolwich Dog Park Committee
  • Former Woofwich Pet Show Organizer
  • Former Committee Member for The Canadian Cancer Society Bark for Life KW
  • Former Member of The Canadian Sport Scent Detection Federation.
  • Former Foster for Friendly Giant Dog Rescue
  • Former Committee Member for DogLoversDays
  • Former Finding Them Homes- Home Visits
  • Former  WRAC MEMBER- DVG
  • Current Member of the Canadian Kennel Club
  • Current Professional Member of The International Association of Canine Professionals.
  • Current Member of The Belgian Shepherd Club of Canada
  • Current Member of the Canadian Working Dog Federation
  • Current Member of NAODI